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Life Coaching


Are you stuck? — Are you looking for more?


Are you facing challenges?


Are you struggling in relationships, in your career, or with self-confidence?


Teri challenges.  Teri encourages.  Teri inspires.

Through her personalized confidential coaching program, Teri offers a unique faith based approach that equips her clients with the tools necessary to improve and develop areas of their lives.  She also offers guidance in preparing you with steps to achieve your goals and instills accountability.

She listens to your challenges and concerns, and assists you in the awakening of thought patterns that limit your self growth.  Facing doubts and personal issues can be challenging, but with your commitment and the guidance of Teri you can reach your goals and develop your confidence.

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The Ultimate Journey

Through her company, Keeping it Personal, Teri facilitates a 3-day course called The Ultimate Journey.  This is a life transforming process focused on connecting knowledge to the heart of who we were created to be.  Go here to learn more.