The Words I Would Say

I love music.  There are so many songs that have inspired me over the years.  There are so many songs that can instantly capture my mind, bring it to another place, another time.  I’m sure you can relate to being “taken-away” to a past memory, an earlier age, an experience, or a relationship.

Most often, for me, it’s the words — the lyrics of the song that sink into my soul…

…that leave a footprint.

Today this one inspired me. encouraged me. brought a SMILE to my face.  I’ve heard it many times, but cling to the chorus tightly…

These simple truths…

  1. Be strong in the Lord
  2. NEVER give up hope
  3. You’re gonna do great things
  4. God’s got His hand on You
  5. Don’t live life in fear
  6. Forgive and forget
  7. Don’t forget why you’re here
  8. Take your time and pray

These are the words I would say.

These words are a reminder.  These words are affirmation.

These simple truths are for YOU and for me!  You can listen to the song, The Words I Would Say by Sidewalk Prophets here.

From one simple life to another, come find peace in the Father — BE encouraged.

Photo Credit: Zupao


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  1. Jana says:

    Hi Teri..was just thinking of you and so logged into your website…and see you have been off of here for awhile! I know how busy things are…but glad to see your back to blogging here! Hope you have a fun Valentine’s Party! Love, Jana

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