What’s Your Win?

It’s not always easy to see the good, especially when we are in the midst of a struggle or facing a storm in our life.  It’s not always easy to hang on, persevere, and press on when circumstances aren’t changing…

…they aren’t getting better.

I have whispered this little prayer many times, “God, show me a win.  I need to see a win.”  When we are caught up in our problems, dealing with people, difficult issues day in and day out — when the negative seems to outweigh the positive, wins can appear distant.

What is a win?

A win is a victory, big or small  ::  Wins are everyday miracles  ::  A win is a blessing, a gift, a kind word from someone at the perfect time  ::  Wins are hugs, fruitful conversations, smiles, and laughter

A win is overcoming an obstacle or learning something new  ::  Wins are surprises and coincidences  ::  A win can be healing of mind, body, or soul  ::  Wins are found on a walk, watching the sunset, or looking at the stars

A win is restoration in relationships, forgiveness, closure  ::  Wins are found in new beginnings, through change, and in endings ::  A win is acceptance, surrender, humility  ::  Wins are found in justice, rescues, and homecomings

A win is discovering truth, gaining new insight, knowledge, a spiritual awakening  ::  Wins are all things good  ::  A win is an answer to prayer  ::  Wins are all things positive  ::  A win is an accomplishment ::  Wins are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control  ::  A win is grace.

Wins are everywhere, we need to look for them.

We are called to actively pursue what is good and pure.  To do this, we must focus our thoughts, efforts, and energy not on negativity, sin, and the things of this world, but on things that honor our Creator…

…all things good.

I am choosing to “look for the good” and “count my blessings” — I am choosing to actively pursue wins no matter what the circumstance may be.

Will you join me?

Every Wednesday, at terijohnson.com, I will write and share a win.  My hope is to encourage and inspire you, and to motivate you to do the same…pursue wins.  The question for you to answer is:

Could you…would you share with me?  With others?  I hope so — leave a comment below or link up your “Win” post…it’s that simple, yet powerful!

When we share we testify God’s goodness, His provision, His strength, His love.  We overcome evil with good.  That’s what happens when share and look for the the gifts, the blessings, the victories…the wins.

My win:  Friendship.  Today I had the opportunity to start my day taking a walk with a friend.  We don’t see each other often, because of our busy schedules, but I called her out of the blue and she was available!  We talked, laughed, listened, spoke truth into each other’s lives, shed a couple of tears, hugged and went about our day.  Our 1 hour, spur of the moment, get-together was a bright spot in my day, a blessing.  I needed friend-time this morning, we both did.


Please join me!  Got questions?  Leave a comment below or email me here.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.  Philippians 4:8


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  1. Cathy says:

    Answered prayer for my grandmother…God provided exactly what she needed today, and now she has peace of mind and feels great!

    • Teri says:

      That’s GREAT Cathy…I love how HE goes before us and knows what we need before we even think of it. Thank YOU for sharing…I’m encouraged!! =)

  2. Heatherly says:

    My win? Supportive friends to cheer me on, even when.

    • Teri says:

      Oh Heatherly, I love it…EVEN when!! Those friendships are priceless — I’m giving thanks now for those in my life. Thank you for the reminder…these relationships are often taken for granted.

  3. Rebekah says:

    My win: clear thinking. So often I get caught up in all that is clamoring to clutter my mind, and my ability to think clearly is non-existent. God has met with me today and is showing me what HE has for my mind. I am open, willing, waiting.

    • Teri says:

      We are transformed by the RENEWING of our mind! Love this win Rebekah…living in the moment with our thoughts, not worrying about what’s next gives up peace. Thank YOU for sharing!! xo

  4. Today’s win? Courage to keep going even when it gets tough!

    • Teri says:

      That’s one I find myself needing to “muster-up” daily…courage. Thank YOU Shannon for sharing this…keep ON sweet friend — in due time we WILL reap the harvest. =) xoxo

  5. Amy Alves says:

    My Win today, sharing the gospel with one of my client’s! God is blowing my socks off! :) Thanks for doing this Teri, this is fun! We’re each blessed by this mutual sharing! ~ Amy

    • Teri says:

      Whenever we feel or see God “blowing our socks off” that’s a WIN! GO God! God is blessing MY socks off hearing all these WINS! =)

  6. Leah Mickschl says:

    My win? Taking a much needed hour out of my day to walk and talk with my dear friend!

  7. Karen says:

    laughing with my kids, love the sound of their laughter :)

    • Teri says:

      I LOVE their laughs AND when I take the time to LAUGH with them!! Love it!! Thank you Karen…it’s these little things we need to pay attention to. =)

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