{Photo 148/365}  The weather was perfect, partly cloudy with a slight breeze – we had a fantastic day at Valleyfair!  We got there right when it opened, just the 3 of us.  My heart was filled with joy as I watched them run with excitement from ride to ride.  The smiles on their faces, the enthusiasm in their voices – priceless.  They’ve been there many times, but you would’ve thought it was their first.  I rode a few rides with them, but my stomach and head can’t handle it like it used to; old?  I love listening to the conversations they have with each other as they reflect and replay the experience in their minds.  Our plan is to go at least once a week this summer – that shouldn’t be a problem since we have season passes.  They will ride, I will most likely just watch, we will have fun. summer.

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