The Lord’s Prayer: Week 1 – Friday

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Week 1 – Friday

Mark 14:36 NLT  ”Abba, Father,” he cried out, “everything is possible for you. Please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.”

Again we find the intimate term of endearment, “Abba.” You will recall from Monday that this name implies intimacy. In this verse, we find Jesus crying out to His Father before going to be crucified. He was acknowledging His Father, He was recognizing that his Father had a higher will than His own. What a perfect example! If Jesus Christ who is our Savior and King could acknowledge His Father and submit to His will, how much more should we be willing to do the same? In what areas do you need to submit to your Father today?

Rebekah wraps up the first week, watch this video…


We invite you to share your insights and thoughts by leaving a comment below or by replying to another comment.

If you would like, you can unpack the verse S.O.A.P style:
S = Scripture; what is it that I’m reflecting upon.
O = Observation; what does this mean to me, what do I notice?  What got my attention? Can I rephrase this in my own words?
A = Application; how can I apply this into my life?  What action can I take as a result of what I just learned
P = Prayer; based on what I’ve learned and my application/action, pray – talk to God about your insight, ask for help, offer thanksgiving.


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  1. Rebekah says:

    My thoughts this morning:

    S: Mark 14:36 NLT ”Abba, Father,” he cried out, “everything is possible for you. Please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.”

    O: In His ministry here on this earth, Jesus experienced every emotion, temptation, and difficulty that we experience. He allowed His power to be limited in order to relate to us and ultimately pay the price for our sins. He commands us to yield to the will of our Father just as He yielded himself to the Father. I love too the fact that we can come to our Father with our requests, our fears, our desires, and He will listen. We must never underestimate the power of our prayers.

    A: I need to make prayer more of a priority. It doesn’t have to be reserved for my “quiet time.” Prayer should be a running conversation between me and my Father throughout the entire day. I need to remember that His plans are always always ALWAYS better than my own, and realize that while I am bringing my desires to Him, I must be willing to accept His desires.

    P: Abba Father, again I come to you overwhelmed with love. Thank you for having a plan for me that is for my good. Help me to willingly yield to that plan and to daily be in a conversation with you.

    • Teri says:

      ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS better than my own <— YES!! I need to remember this too. I just love how you worded bring my desires to Him, yes — BUT accept His desires. GREAT thoughts…love you friend. =)

  2. Teri says:

    What a POWERFUL verse to unpack and wrap up the week…

    S: Mark 14:36 NLT “Abba, Father,” he cried out, “everything is possible for you. Please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.”

    O: OH my goodness — THIS is SO powerful to me. Jesus is in agony in the garden, crying out to God. I’ve been there, crying out to God! I’ve shouted, sobbed, from the depth of who I am in agony asking Him, “WHY? WHY? is this happening? Take this from me! I can’t go on like this! This is too painful, I am not capable of handling this, please don’t let this happen, please!” God is capable, He is — like Jesus says in the passage, EVERYTHING is possible for YOU…He can remove our struggles, He can protect me from harm, He is capable. THE KEY WORD for me in this passage is –> YET <– …I want Your will to be done, not mine. Here’s what I want Abba Father. Here’s what I think I need. Here’s what I think I’m capable of. Here’s what I know will be good for me. YET, I want Your will…what is Your will — THY will by done, not mine. No matter how painful this may be, Father, You love me, Your plans for me are for good – You are my Father, I will trust You.

    A: I has taken me a very long time to really grasp this. Everyday I have to surrender to His will, my Father’s plan, not mine. There are many times I want want Him to take the “cup” — Pleading with Him, I can’t do what He’s calling me to do — I am not equipped, I am not capable of handling the situation. I need to surrender daily, sometimes, many times throughout the day. I want to be obedient to do His will. I want to always share with Him my heart, my feelings, my “agony” — I also want to always continue to say YET…I want Your will to be done, not mine!!

    P: Father, Thank You for showing me this week a deeper looking into who You are. As I sit here, I have tears streaming down my face — I am in awe of Your goodness and how You never fail to show up when I’m fearing the “cup” that is in front of me. You are faithful and I see You everywhere. Thank You for the divine appointment only YOU could’ve set up yesterday, what a miracle. We all felt You sitting with us as we shared how GREAT You are!! These are the memories that bring me comfort when I’m struggling — Your goodness, Your provision, Your plans, Your ways are not my ways. Forgive me for the times I resist Your calling or when I choose to rebel against what I know You want me to do out of fear. I need you. I love you. T

  3. Terry says:

    S: “Abba, Father,” he cried out, “everything is possible for you. Please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.” Mark 14:36

    O: That intimacy of Abba….it breaks my heart to think of Jesus calling out Daddy…please…and it is because of my sin. He knew the pain he was about to endure and the seperation from his Father.

    A: I have to pay such a small price for being in God’s will. Maybe not always make everyone around me happy. Maybe not always the popular person. I need to just think about what my Father did for me. I am be willing to pay any price to be in the will of God.

    P: Oh Father, what you have endured for me…thank you. Praise you. Thank you for revealing more of yourself to me this week. Helping me to focus on how BIG you truly are, how much love you have to offer me, the gifts you have ready for me, the plans you have for me, and the sacrifice you made for me. I love you Abba, and I praise your wonderful name. Help me to stay focused on your will, not my own. Help me to focus on you, not on this world. I love you Father.

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