{Photo 249/365}  Last night, Brent brought his dad to the ER.  He’d been sick all day and finally (men can be so stubborn) my father-in-law chose to go to the hospital.  When I asked him how he felt, he said, “Like a wet rag.”  I guess that’s pretty bad…so they went.  He had a heart attack — the doctors don’t know specifically when, but the count of whatever was in his blood was really high.  He’s feeling a lot better tonight, fluids, blood sugar level, temperature, rest.  But tomorrow, they are going to do an angiogram to explore and check everything out.  I’ve been praying, I’ve invited others to pray.  I believe he’s going to be ok, in my heart I do.  As I sit in this room, in the ICU, I’m amazed by the technology.  I’m amazed by all the computer monitoring, everything hooked up to him that lets the nurses know in an instant what’s happening.  As I sit in this room, I’m deep in thought about time, our time, my time — life on earth.  Life is short.  I love my father-in-law — we are grateful to have him so close and a part of our lives.  Grateful for life.  Grateful that he’s feeling better.  Our days are numbered, I want to be sure my time here has purpose.

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  1. Lisa Kramp says:

    I just want you to know your family is in my prayers! Hope things are on the mend!! Much Love!

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