Thy Will

{Photo 285/365}  We are working Step 3 together, me and my “sponsee” — Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him — S U R R E N D E R!  The best part about working with others is that it forces me to, again and again, work on me.  I needed to review this message today — THY will, NOT my will.  It’s that simple, yes it’s that difficult.  I need this constant reminder to keep me grounded, focused, and to slow down!  I need this constant reminder to not get ahead of His plans with my plans.  I need this constant reminder in all my relationships to be more accepting, more patient, more tolerant.  I am grateful for the opportunity to “carry the message” each time I do, it affirms within me too.  blessed.

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