The Lord’s Prayer: Introduction

We’ve started our — F I R S T — Choose to Grow “online” study.  Unpacking The Lord’s Prayer as explained by Emmet Fox (1886-1951).

Have you decided to join us?  We hope you do!

Before we start we wanted to communicate 4 things:

  1. Take a couple of minutes to watch the video to learn about what we are up to –> here
  2. To lay the ground work for the weeks that lie ahead, please read this brief introduction about The Lord’s Prayer –> here
  3. Are you joining us on this journey through The Lord’s Prayer?  If so, please let us know so we can pray for YOU and get to know YOU!  Either leave a comment below OR send us a message through the contact page –> here
  4. As it was mentioned in the video, each Monday we will post the reading and study guide for the week — sign-up to receive post updates from this site via email –> here and/or  {if you’re on Facebook} “like” our Choose to Grow Page –> here

Last but not least — if you know of anyone who might be interested in joining you and us on this journey — invite them in!  We are expecting God to touch each life in a special way as we draw near to Him, getting to know Him better through this study.  Feel free to join at any time…click here to begin with Week 1

>>> Change is inevitable, growth is intentional. <<<


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  1. Terrilynn says:

    I’m excited to join you on this journey! I am reveling in how He knows exactly what I need at exactly the time I need it – and how He lights the paths that He wants me to take! Mostly I’m delighting with a grinning heart at His love SO amazing. :)

  2. I am excited to join the journey through The Lord’s Prayer and to see how God will use this to open my eye’s and heart to more of Him. I desire to become closer to Him as he reveals his purpose for me through prayer. I need to surround myself with more of Him and less of me.

    • Teri says:

      EXCITED to continue to GROW with YOU Denise! Love your heart and your desire — you are a light to many! =) So glad you’re joining us.

  3. Leigh says:

    I am excited to join fellow women on this journey. It sounds wonderful to get to know his word more. I can’t wait to get started!

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