{Photo 221/365}  I picked this book up the other day at Half Price Books — I love taking the kids there to find books for, yes, half price, and I always seem to find a couple for myself too.  I decided to purchase this one because of the sub-title –> A little book that teaches you when to quit (and when to stick) <–  Sometimes I question if I should keep-on in certain areas of my life, and this is one of those times, perfect timing.  This little book is an easy read with a lot of  G R E A T nuggets.  Right off the bat, this got my wheels turning, “Quit the wrong stuff.  Stick with the right stuff.  Have the guts to do one or the other.”  I’ve decided that there’s some quitting that needs to be done in my world.  Not in a negative, failure, sort-of-way.  But in a positive, success driven, sort-of-way.  focus.

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