The Book

{Photo 293/365}  He was sure to tell me that he hadn’t finished a book since college.  I had no expectations and have no expectations for anyone to read my book, Overcoming the Nevers, I just don’t.  I understand there are many people who don’t like to read.  I understand that even if someone does enjoy reading, the title may not appeal to them.  I also understand that certain people are into fiction and not non-fiction.  Whatever the case may be, I know that the book I wrote will not appeal to everyone — there will be mixed reviews — some will love it, some will not.  My prayer for anyone, including my father-in-law, who decides to pick it up and read it is that their heart will be touched in a special way.  That’s it.  I’m grateful that he chose to pick it up.  He told my husband that he likes it. =)


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  1. Nancy says:

    Teri – I’m sooo excited to receive your book and start reading it! Even though you may not have any expectations . . . I’m sure it warmed your heart to have your FIL say he liked it! I know, for me, the people who are closest to my heart are the ones that can really build me up by their affirmations! I’m praying for you, as your book is going out, that it will really touch peoples hearts and bring honor and glory to Him!! Have a great Monday! :-)

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