That's My Son

I was getting ready to board a plane, grabbing a coffee from Starbucks which happened to be connected to a Simply Books book store, when the title of this book called my name; That’s My Son: How Moms Can Influence Boys to Become Men of Character, by Rick Johnson…………THAT I needed to read!

I quickly grabbed my coffee, purchased the book. boarded the plane, and DEVOURED it! From San Diego to Minneapolis I couldn’t put the book down.

Have you ever looked at your boy and asked yourself this question, “How am I ever going to raise this little guy into a good man?” I HAVE ~ UGH!! I have such a deep desire to instill good character qualities into my boys, but sometimes I wonder, especially after I’ve lost my voice from hollering at them all day, If I’m equipped.

Whether you LOVE to read (like me!) or not, I promise you, this book you will appreciate. I was educated, challenged, and inspired. Additionally, I was validated. I know there are other moms are out there just like me, doing the best they can to raise Good Men!

The author Rick Johnson writes a clear message to mothers in an easy to read format. He delivers practical suggestions on how we, as mothers, can teach our boys good character qualities. He also provides insight on what it takes to be a man and what it is that makes a man “tick” – I NEEDED to know THAT!! After all, as Rick mentions in his introduction, he discovered there is much value in the old adage, “It’s easier to raise a boy than to fix a man.”

The main concept I took from this book is this: I need to frequently point out good character traits to my boys when I see them in their lives as well as in the lives of other males. Additionally, I need to point out bad character traits when I see them by asking this question, “Is that a quality of a good man?”. I’ve started this process and am amazed by how well it’s working. They are so happy when I verbalize their good qualities and understand the difference in their behavior when I ask them that simple question. I am noticing ‘baby step’ changes!! YIPEE!!

You can check out what others are saying about this book too by following the link below.

That’s My Son: How Moms Can Influence Boys to Become Men of Character

IF this title/book interests you and you decide to read it too, I would LOVE to hear what your thoughts are and what you learned.

Now……off to find my NEXT read! tj

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  1. Sounds like a great book. My son just smiles from ear to ear when I tell him what a sweet boy or loving or kind boy he is. He always rushes out of the van to grab whatever I’m carrying. Then he always rushes to hold the door for me. Oh…how I love him! :)

    You might also like “Loving Your Kids on Purpose” by Danny Silk. This is hands down BEST parenting advice ever. It’s biblically based. I watched the DVD series with a small group. Although you don’t have to do it with a small group. It’s a complete change in paradigm. If you want to read more, it’s on my blog under the parenting tab. Love it!

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