Bubble Gum Bubble

{Photo 317/365}  I picked him up after a long day at our office.  We had the Keeping it Personal: Shop for a Cause Open House today.  It was fun…it was successful…but I was ready to go home, have dinner, and spend time with my 3 favorite people.  We were in the car drive when he says mumbling, “MMMMoommm,  llllloooookkkk! Llllloooooookkk!”  I came to a stop light and this is what I saw — a HUGE bubble gum bubble.  It was a good bubble, because it lasted long enough for me to whip out my camera and snap this.  He was SO excited…he just recently over the past few months has mastered blowing bubbles with bubble gum — such a proud little nugget.  I can remember these moments when I was a little girl, it’s the little things that are exciting.  I like that.

Nickelodeon Universe

{Photo 308/365} We went on a date today to Nickelodeon Universe, just the two of us.  We BOTH got wristbands to ride unlimited rides.  Any chance he gets, this is where he chooses to go — he absolutely LOVE this place.  He loves every ride…I would like to say I felt the same.  I did my best, but I’m getting a little too old for this — I guess I’m not, but my stomach and back are.  We had a blast, he got to hang with Spongebob do whatever he wanted to do — I just laughed with him, ran around with him, talked with him, and created a great memory.  We had a blast, I love this little nugget.  He’s such a bright light in my life.

Comfort of Home

{Photo 303/365}  It’s so great to be home.  I’ve traveled 17 days out of this month and tonight I can just rest my head on my own comfortable pillow — unpack the suitcase that I’ve been living out of and get back into my routine.  These little nuggets didn’t want to leave my side…they are glad I’m home too.  Tonight they will sleep with be because B is helping a friend move and driving a U-Haul truck across the country.  We all snuggled into our pajamas, enjoyed each other and the comfort of HOME…love coming home.

It was a day…

{Photo 297/365}  I had the best intentions for today.  A family day at the beach — not a cloud in the sky — water, shells, sand castles, sun, then lunch, a little more beach and wrapping up our joy-filled day playing in the pool. BLISS.  Sounds fabulous, right?  Unfortunately the day didn’t pan out to be what I had intended.  These two little nuggets were having a World War III — my patience was tested, my nerves were irritated, my fuse blew a few times {YES, a few…more than once!}  Oh well…tomorrow is a new day.  Grateful for grace.  Grateful for mercy. I think these two guys are too. It was a day…

Just Friends

{Photo 295/365}  There are really no “little” people around here — children.  So, when ever we come here — the boys always look forward to the time they get to spend with the two little girls that live in our building.  Today was one of those days, finally!  It was the weekend, so the girls didn’t have school AND it wasn’t raining, so we got to enjoy the pool.  They play sharks and minnows and other pool games.  They time each others, have little contests, make up new games — they talk, yell and scream, splash around, sit in the jacuzzi…have fun.


{Photo 291/365}  The best to do when it rains, is let it rain — and enjoy it!  Today we ventured out, because the rain would not stop and we were all cooped up.  Brent and the boys got haircuts, when they were done, they decided to go play in the rain.  They had so-much-fun.  It reminded me of when I was a little girl — I loved to play in the rain.  Nobody cared how wet they go, it was all about jumping in the puddles, splashing, and letting the raindrops fall on our heads.  They were soaked — I let them play as long as they wanted.  After this adventure, we ran a few errands, then had lunch at a mexican restaurant…YUMMO, my favorite; chips and salsa.  memories.  ”Let the rain kiss you.  Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.  Let the rain sing you a lullaby.” – Langston Hughes

Down Time

{Photo 289/365}  We had absolutely nothing on our schedule today — it was fabulous!  A walk/bike ride this morning down to the beach for breakfast.  Naps.  Grilling.  Jacuzzi.  All of us piled on the couch watching XFactor {sleeping}  Me and my boys — all 3 of them and my father-in-law — today was simply enjoyable.  Nothing spectacular…just precious family time.

Season of Rest

{Photo 283/365}  This is the first winter in 6 years that we will not have at lease 1 nugget playing hockey.  These boys both requested a season of rest.  We all need breaks — it’s healthy and gives us opportunities to see things from a different perspective.  The decision wasn’t made easily, but once it was, we were all thrilled.  Coming home after school and eating as a family without having to rush to practices and games sounds delightful.  Wide open weekends with flexibility and choices to do…w h a t e v e r…is refreshing.  They are not hanging it up, they are simply taking a rest.  So, tonight while all his friends are at tryouts, he is home wrestling with his brother, having family dinner, getting homework done, sitting in the jacuzzi, and watching monday night football with his grandpa.  No regrets.

Addicted Games

{Photo 282/365}  There’s this website they like to play on — Addicted Games — Zach discovered a new game, Corporation Inc.  He’s building a company, it’s a factory with employees, janitors, and a human resources department.  They are watching it grow while we watch sunday night football.  It’s family time with the computers and the TV — we all had a great day, a very productive day.


{Photo 281/365}  He thought his friend was coming over to play — so, he ran out of the house.  His plan was to greet them at the end of the street…to wait at the entrance of our development.  I didn’t know where he was and he didn’t know plans had changed, his friend could not come over.  He waited patiently far away, I went outside looking for him everywhere.  Finally, 45 minutes later, he came walking up the street.  Bummed.  No play date.  I was relieved to find him, he just wanted to sit on the side of the road.  We decided to lay in the grass together and enjoy the breeze…the beautiful day as we talked about what to do next.