It was a day…

{Photo 297/365}  I had the best intentions for today.  A family day at the beach — not a cloud in the sky — water, shells, sand castles, sun, then lunch, a little more beach and wrapping up our joy-filled day playing in the pool. BLISS.  Sounds fabulous, right?  Unfortunately the day didn’t pan out to be what I had intended.  These two little nuggets were having a World War III — my patience was tested, my nerves were irritated, my fuse blew a few times {YES, a few…more than once!}  Oh well…tomorrow is a new day.  Grateful for grace.  Grateful for mercy. I think these two guys are too. It was a day…


{Photo 291/365}  The best to do when it rains, is let it rain — and enjoy it!  Today we ventured out, because the rain would not stop and we were all cooped up.  Brent and the boys got haircuts, when they were done, they decided to go play in the rain.  They had so-much-fun.  It reminded me of when I was a little girl — I loved to play in the rain.  Nobody cared how wet they go, it was all about jumping in the puddles, splashing, and letting the raindrops fall on our heads.  They were soaked — I let them play as long as they wanted.  After this adventure, we ran a few errands, then had lunch at a mexican restaurant…YUMMO, my favorite; chips and salsa.  memories.  ”Let the rain kiss you.  Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.  Let the rain sing you a lullaby.” – Langston Hughes

Season of Rest

{Photo 283/365}  This is the first winter in 6 years that we will not have at lease 1 nugget playing hockey.  These boys both requested a season of rest.  We all need breaks — it’s healthy and gives us opportunities to see things from a different perspective.  The decision wasn’t made easily, but once it was, we were all thrilled.  Coming home after school and eating as a family without having to rush to practices and games sounds delightful.  Wide open weekends with flexibility and choices to do…w h a t e v e r…is refreshing.  They are not hanging it up, they are simply taking a rest.  So, tonight while all his friends are at tryouts, he is home wrestling with his brother, having family dinner, getting homework done, sitting in the jacuzzi, and watching monday night football with his grandpa.  No regrets.

Addicted Games

{Photo 282/365}  There’s this website they like to play on — Addicted Games — Zach discovered a new game, Corporation Inc.  He’s building a company, it’s a factory with employees, janitors, and a human resources department.  They are watching it grow while we watch sunday night football.  It’s family time with the computers and the TV — we all had a great day, a very productive day.


{Photo 277/365}  Bath & Body Works Nectarine Mint anti-bacterial deep cleansing hand soap does not taste good, these two will be the first to tell you.  WHY?  Because our day ended with sassy lips, disrespect, fighting, talking back and I had enough.  My solution? Separation with soap in their mouths for 10 minutes.  Then shower and off to bed at 7:15.  I know, “I’m the mean mom” and “life is cheap” and all the other nasty-ness that came streaming from their lips was meaningless — I just did what I needed to do to bring order to the chaos.  I love these two nuggets more than anything in the whole-wide-world, tonight was a challenge.  Tomorrow is a new day…mercy and grace.


{Photo 272/365}  If we don’t have our health, really, what do we have.  My FIL, their Grandpa Bob, is feeling better.  What an answer to prayer!!  Each day, he seems to be improving since he’s been out of the hospital — he’s spending time back at the golf course, on the nice days — and of course, making us laugh with this silly sense of humor.  The boys love having him around, Brent and I do too.  What a blessing he is in our lives. grateful.

Our Gifts

{Photo 264/365}  I tell him we all have our own unique special gifts.  Just because others are good at or excel in certain areas, subjects at school, doesn’t mean that we will OR have to.  His least favorite class is art.  Drawing isn’t something he feels very good at.  For his book report in literature class, he has to draw the story in pictures.  He’s doing his best and I’m proud of him.  ”What we are is God’s gift to us.  What we become is our gift to God.”  - Eleanor Powell

After School

{Photo 262/365}  Our days are starting to get shorter already.  I love this time of year — fall.  So much change.  Crisp mornings, leaves changing, sweaters, my favorite colors, hot cider, pumpkins…just all of it.  The boys played football outside, just the two of them into the darkness.  It wasn’t late, they didn’t want to come in, it just got too dark.  Nothing special about today other than these two. love them.

Moms In Touch

{Photo 257/365}  This morning I attended my first Moms In Touch group at the school my little nuggets attend. Why? Because my son asked me, “Mom, will you pray for me?” I said YES! What a blessing it was to be surrounded this morning with other moms who are passionate about praying Truth into their children’s lives! I’m looking forward to seeing what God is up to as we seek Him first!! =)

Working Together

{Photo 255/365}  At the beginning of the school year I had both of the boys sign a contract.  They committed to positive attitudes, being a leader in their class, no complaining, respect towards others, and asking for help.  With that, comes my part — my commitment to working with them and being available to help when I’m asked.  Today was one of those days.  He needed help with his homework.  And, because it was such a beautiful day, we decided work together on the front porch.  Brent captured this moment for me.  I love watching and being a part of my boys growth.  I am amazed by how individual they are in how they learn and do things.  What a gift, a precious gift to be their momma.  ”Don’t prepare the path…prepare the child for the path.”