{Photo 306/365}  Today is Wednesday…it’s Mom’s In Touch — when I’m in town, I make every effort to go.  When I walked into the school this morning, I saw him looking at me with a BIG smile on his face.  He loves his teacher — she is such a blessing.  This school is a blessing to our family.  The love, encouragement, support, and faith is priceless.  I love to see him smile.  What a GREAT way to start my day.  blessed.

Snow Birds

{Photo 298/365} Count ‘em — that’s right — 18 wheelchairs welcoming the flight to Florida’s Southwest International Airport.  We travel back and forth frequently and I have never seen this many wheelchairs waiting for snowbirds at a gate…ever!  The security guard I talked with said the last 3 flights had all been like this — 14, 18, 24, and now 16!  This is a  T R U E  sign that winter is coming…solution?  Fly south to the Sunshine state.  The lady sitting next to me on the airplane chuckled and called it a wheelchair derby and Zach called it an “antique rodeo” — Love it!. =)

A long walk, A long talk

{Photo 296/365}  This was a very much needed day for both of us.  A long walk, a long talk.  It was a beautiful day.  We started our walk on the berm; saw several alligators.  Then down the boardwalk through the mangroves.  Then a walk up the beach, the sun was warm, the breeze was just right, partially walking in the water and partially on the sand; barefoot.  Great friend, great conversation, great day. blessed.


{Photo 292/365} We woke up this morning to water in our carpets in the boy’s room and our bedroom — we are not quite sure why.  We’ve had so much rain and last night’s storm was strong winds with the rain — somehow seeped through, from somewhere.  SO, it was an unexpected day of the fire and home restoration company in our space, pulling back carpets, setting up huge commercial sized fans and dehumidifiers to dry the rooms out so we don’t get mold.  Then the building engineer was here to investigate the source, where did the water come from?  Oh well.  Life happens.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another.  Brent and I enjoyed our evening out on a date with friends while the boys hung out with their favorite babysitter.  Great ending to a very full day. smiling.

Squiggly Straw

{Photo 280/365}  I’ve been sitting at this desk working all week.  It’s been productive…I’m wrapping up loose ends.  The website is officially ready for book orders, I received my FIRST unsolicited online order today — I have no clue who the person is or how they found the page since it just went live, BUT so-very-excited! YIPEE!  Anyway, sometime you just need to grab a bright pink napkin and a squiggly straw to drink your diet Pepsi…that’s what I did…it made me smile… =)

A Season Over

{Photo 279/365}  My sweet friend had GREAT reason to celebrate tonight…a season over.  A long journey came to an end…a new one begins.  We learn, we grow.  We are stretched, we are challenged.  We refine, we become.  I am so grateful for the people in my life — wisdom, confidence, strength.

High School Football

{Photo 273/365}  I think this might be only the second high school football game that I’ve been to in 20 years, since I graduated from high school.  WOW, did it bring back memories.  Mascot and cheerleaders.  Marching band and dance line.  Crowded bleachers and concession stands.  It wasn’t cool for me to have my camera, both of the boys were sure to tell me that — I embarrassed them when I tried to get the mascots attention to snap a shot with them together; oops.  They saw their friends, but spent most of the night sitting with me wrapped in a warm fleece blanket watching the game instead of roaming around socializing.  We had fun…just the 3 of us.  It was youth football night, so Zane got to go down to the field during half-time.  He really loves football, I think it’s his sport. fun.


Sweet Smile

{Photo 258/365} S E R I O U S L Y?!?! Today was full…it wasn’t a bad day, just a long day, packed with meetings, phone calls, and lots of driving and then a few curve balls. By 9:00, I was cooked and ready for bed.  I was weary and smiling was the last thing on my mind.  UNTIL, I opened my refrigerator and saw this gallon of milk.  How could I not smile from ear to ear.  How could I not just look at this and think of God’s sense of humor.  Really, a S M I L E on my milk carton? Since when?  I’ve been purchasing Archer Farms skim milk for years now and have never seen it smile back at me…ever — until tonight.  My face smiled and my heart smiled, then I went to bed. joy.


{Photo 251/365}  The primary reason I have my two little nuggets enrolled at this school is because of the foundation it’s built upon.  truth.  love.  The second reason I have my two little nuggets enrolled at this school is because of the academics.  Tonight was back to school night.  We started in this room, the chapel — my eyes were drawn to the cross.  All I could think about was how grateful I was to have the opportunity to send my boys to this place.  What they receive here on a daily basis is priceless.  We listened to one mother, who has been at this school for 12 years with her 3 children and her oldest daughter who was an alumni, talk about what this “experience” meant to them — how their lives were and are deeply impacted by the staff and teachers here.  My heart smiled…I feel it too.  There is no place we would rather be.  I do not take this for granted, it is a gift, one that we will treasure.  As we enter this third year, I’m expecting great things.  “But forget all that—it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” Is. 43:18-19


{Photo 250/365}  I needed some fresh air.  I needed to look at the sky.  I needed to just be.  So, this morning I went for a walk.  I drove to the lake, plugged into some beautiful piano music by David Nevue and walked.  I think I had a smile on my face the whole time.  I saw bright pretty flowers.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, it was a perfect morning.  When I finished my walk I rested.  When was the last time you just sat under a tree, and rested up against its trunk?  It had been so long for me, I couldn’t remember the last time.  So, that’s what I did.  I rested up against the tree trunk, looked out at the lake, sitting on acorns.  I didn’t think of the icky spiders creeping around, I didn’t think that maybe a dog did his business behind me or in the grass I was sitting in, I didn’t care if when I got up to leave my pants were damp from the dew of the morning, I just didn’t.  I loved my morning.  My time to reflect.  My time to just be.