A Gift

{Photo 318/365}  I’m not the crafty creative type…this is as good as it gets for me.  I stopped by Ben Franklin to grab some ribbon the other day because I’ve got orders for the book coming in that people want me to send to someone else as a gift — AND I want them to look “special” — so this is what I’ve been doing.  A polka-dot ribbon wrapped around the book, signed copy, with a little note on the front and a splash of purple curly ribbon.  It’s cute…there’s no extra charge…it’s just that personal touch I wanted to add.  That’s it. =)

Oreo Cookies

{Photo 307/365}  It’s the double stuff ones we like…ALL of US.  I always pick up a package when I go to the grocery store, I just do — but they don’t last long.  I’ve mistakenly bought the low-fat kind, and they sit there, they get stale and thrown away.  I’ve mistakenly bought the original kind, they sit there, they get stale and thrown away.  We pass over the holiday kind and prefer the DOUBLE STUFF.  The resealable packaging keeps ‘em fresh for the 2 days that they last in our pantry.  He likes to “dip” them in milk…I just eat ‘em with a glass of milk.  YUMMO!

A long walk, A long talk

{Photo 296/365}  This was a very much needed day for both of us.  A long walk, a long talk.  It was a beautiful day.  We started our walk on the berm; saw several alligators.  Then down the boardwalk through the mangroves.  Then a walk up the beach, the sun was warm, the breeze was just right, partially walking in the water and partially on the sand; barefoot.  Great friend, great conversation, great day. blessed.

The Book

{Photo 293/365}  He was sure to tell me that he hadn’t finished a book since college.  I had no expectations and have no expectations for anyone to read my book, Overcoming the Nevers, I just don’t.  I understand there are many people who don’t like to read.  I understand that even if someone does enjoy reading, the title may not appeal to them.  I also understand that certain people are into fiction and not non-fiction.  Whatever the case may be, I know that the book I wrote will not appeal to everyone — there will be mixed reviews — some will love it, some will not.  My prayer for anyone, including my father-in-law, who decides to pick it up and read it is that their heart will be touched in a special way.  That’s it.  I’m grateful that he chose to pick it up.  He told my husband that he likes it. =)


Thy Will

{Photo 285/365}  We are working Step 3 together, me and my “sponsee” — Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him — S U R R E N D E R!  The best part about working with others is that it forces me to, again and again, work on me.  I needed to review this message today — THY will, NOT my will.  It’s that simple, yes it’s that difficult.  I need this constant reminder to keep me grounded, focused, and to slow down!  I need this constant reminder to not get ahead of His plans with my plans.  I need this constant reminder in all my relationships to be more accepting, more patient, more tolerant.  I am grateful for the opportunity to “carry the message” each time I do, it affirms within me too.  blessed.

Candy Corn

{Photo 284/365}  It’s the perfect combination –> candy corn-M&Ms-peanuts <– I love fall, but Halloween is my least favorite holiday, it ALWAYS has been.  I guess you consider me to be the “scrooge” of Halloween.  The most festive I get each year is making this candy corn snack mix, it is YUMMO! Eventually I will get the boys costumes and yes, I will take them trick-or-treating.  But halloween to me is this snack mix, this is what I look forward to…


{Photo 281/365}  He thought his friend was coming over to play — so, he ran out of the house.  His plan was to greet them at the end of the street…to wait at the entrance of our development.  I didn’t know where he was and he didn’t know plans had changed, his friend could not come over.  He waited patiently far away, I went outside looking for him everywhere.  Finally, 45 minutes later, he came walking up the street.  Bummed.  No play date.  I was relieved to find him, he just wanted to sit on the side of the road.  We decided to lay in the grass together and enjoy the breeze…the beautiful day as we talked about what to do next.

A Season Over

{Photo 279/365}  My sweet friend had GREAT reason to celebrate tonight…a season over.  A long journey came to an end…a new one begins.  We learn, we grow.  We are stretched, we are challenged.  We refine, we become.  I am so grateful for the people in my life — wisdom, confidence, strength.

All Things Pink

{Photo 269/365}  I love IT!!  We were driving down the country road, Zach and I, doing the Monday morning routine.  We had just finished praying, I was enjoying the sunrise from a distance as I approached these — they stick out, wild and crazy!  I pulled over onto the shoulder and backed up.  (I’m pretty sure I would’ve been issued a ticket if a cop was around) I  rolled down my window as I waited for the cars to pass by — then I snapped this picture with my cell phone.  I got the horse, the sunrise, and the PINK Breast Cancer Awareness Garbage Cans.  Love the creativity, the purpose, the perseverance and dedication to the research. All things pink.  I want one.

Proud Dad

{Photo 263/365}  His team rocks this year — they are 6 and 0.  This is his first year, and he’s having a blast.  The coaches are great and he’s learning a lot.  He loves football!  They walked back to the car together…discussing the game.  It was a cold windy night, I guess the two go hand in hand.