{Photo 306/365}  Today is Wednesday…it’s Mom’s In Touch — when I’m in town, I make every effort to go.  When I walked into the school this morning, I saw him looking at me with a BIG smile on his face.  He loves his teacher — she is such a blessing.  This school is a blessing to our family.  The love, encouragement, support, and faith is priceless.  I love to see him smile.  What a GREAT way to start my day.  blessed.


{Photo 305/365}  I’m always willing to help, really I am.  BUT, most of the time — I have NOT-a-clue what to do.  Math is different than it was for me when I was growing up.  Seriously, what he’s working on in 6th grade I remember doing in high school.  Science?  That I want to block out of my head completely…didn’t like that subject.  Spelling?  Did I say that spell check just might BE the best invention ever? and is my favorite website on the internet?  Homework…it’s the last thing I want to do.  If I could release myself of this one duty as a parent, I would.  They struggle and I struggle too.  God help us.

Day One of Many

{Photo 241/365}  Zach was up way early, ready to go!  Zane, he sleeps in — I had to wake him up.  Me, I didn’t pay attention to the details.  Apparently the back to school paper work clearly stated that school started at 10:00 not 8:45 like it typically would.  SO, notice the empty parking lot the boys are standing in for this picture?  Yep, that would be us, the only ones at school “on-time” — so I thought.  To kill time, we headed over to Starbucks, we talked, they ordered their favorite and I had another coffee.  It was great bonding time, but I must pay attention to details.  Details, Teri, details.  They both had a great day — they love their teachers, their classroom, the new students, and just being back into the swing of things.  I do to.