{Photo 306/365}  Today is Wednesday…it’s Mom’s In Touch — when I’m in town, I make every effort to go.  When I walked into the school this morning, I saw him looking at me with a BIG smile on his face.  He loves his teacher — she is such a blessing.  This school is a blessing to our family.  The love, encouragement, support, and faith is priceless.  I love to see him smile.  What a GREAT way to start my day.  blessed.


{Photo 272/365}  If we don’t have our health, really, what do we have.  My FIL, their Grandpa Bob, is feeling better.  What an answer to prayer!!  Each day, he seems to be improving since he’s been out of the hospital — he’s spending time back at the golf course, on the nice days — and of course, making us laugh with this silly sense of humor.  The boys love having him around, Brent and I do too.  What a blessing he is in our lives. grateful.

All Things Pink

{Photo 269/365}  I love IT!!  We were driving down the country road, Zach and I, doing the Monday morning routine.  We had just finished praying, I was enjoying the sunrise from a distance as I approached these — they stick out, wild and crazy!  I pulled over onto the shoulder and backed up.  (I’m pretty sure I would’ve been issued a ticket if a cop was around) I  rolled down my window as I waited for the cars to pass by — then I snapped this picture with my cell phone.  I got the horse, the sunrise, and the PINK Breast Cancer Awareness Garbage Cans.  Love the creativity, the purpose, the perseverance and dedication to the research. All things pink.  I want one.

Quiet Time

{Photo 260/365}  While I was making my coffee this morning I glanced over to my corner.  To my chair, my little table, and the lamp.  This is my space — it’s where I sit each morning, sip coffee and connect with God.  It’s my favorite time of the day.  Most often it’s dark and quiet.  When it’s cool, I turn on the fireplace — once in a while I will snuggle up with a blanket.  I love my quiet time, my quiet corner, my me and Him time each morning.  I exchange whispers with God before shouts with the world.  priceless.

Moms In Touch

{Photo 257/365}  This morning I attended my first Moms In Touch group at the school my little nuggets attend. Why? Because my son asked me, “Mom, will you pray for me?” I said YES! What a blessing it was to be surrounded this morning with other moms who are passionate about praying Truth into their children’s lives! I’m looking forward to seeing what God is up to as we seek Him first!! =)

Thy Word

{Photo 218/365} Today I headed to my friend’s cabin where 5 additional friends were too.  The 7 of us meet every Tuesday and this weekend was our “retreat.”  WOW — I’m so grateful that I was able to go.  Although the trip was shorter than I had initially thought, I had a great time.  Full of laughter. Lots of talking.  Prayer.  Encouragement.  Love.  God.  One of our conversations led us to discussing the words “plumb line” we looked it up in scripture and here’s what it says:

Amos 7:7-8, “Then he showed me another vision. I saw the Lord standing beside a wall that had been built using a plumb line. He was using a plumb line to see if it was still straight.  And the Lord said to me, “Amos, what do you see?” I answered, “A plumb line.”  And the Lord replied, “I will test my people with this plumb line. I will no longer ignore all their sins.”

SO, what does that mean exactly?  My study Bible explains it this way…a plumb line is a device used to ensure the straightness of a wall.  A wall that is not straight will eventually collapse.  God wants people to be right with Him; He wants the sin that makes us crooked removed immediately.  God’s Word is the plumb line that helps us be aware of our sin.  How do you measure up to God’s plumb line?

Reflecting on how I measure-up.  I’m embracing His Grace. Mercy. Forgiveness. Love.

Covered with Prayer

{Photo 205/365}  You could feel it, sense it — this conference was covered with prayer down to every detail.  Smiles.  Love.  Hugs.  Acceptance.  Grace. Grace. Grace. everywhere.  One of the most special details was the prayer room.  What a calm, comforting, welcoming place.  Each name was prayed over and specifically placed on one of these sheets.  What a promise –> The Lord Who Sanctifies <–  Sanctify means to purify or free from sin.  To hold in highest esteem; bless, cleanse.  I know why my name ended up there, attached to that sheet; I needed the affirmation, I am where I am today, only because of Him who could free me from my broken place.  The scripture that stood out most to me from those listed on the bottom was this sheet is, ”May God himself, the God who makes everything holy and whole, make you holy and whole, put you together—spirit, soul, and body—and keep you fit for the coming of our Master, Jesus Christ. The One who called you is completely dependable. If he said it, he’ll do it!” - 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 (MSG)  God is “puttin’” THIS girl together, day by day, moment by moment.  I’m walking with Him, embracing His promises — If he said it, he’ll do it <– Yes He Will!  Covered with prayer — it was obvious…God met me in a sweet way at She Speaks. grateful.


{Photo 197/365}  I have no clue what the future holds.  I just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  I’m shining His light on my next and trusting Him to give me the strength and courage to take it.  I needed this reminder today as I’m looking forward, into the future.  We have to plan, right?  We have to move forward and set goals.  That’s what keeps us going.  The big question from me, to Him is, how do I do this without my “will” getting in the way?  When pressed from others to give the BIG picture…when others are asking me, “Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?”  I stop.  I ponder.  I don’t know.  Why?  Because if you would’ve asked me that same question 3 years ago, my answer would’ve been opposite from where I am today. truly.  I could not have imagined me today in this place.  So, as I plan and look forward, I will do that.  But, I will not plan the results.  The future comes one day at a time.  My prayer is, He lead me. I’m excited about what the future holds. I am. faith.


All Boy

{Photo 179/365} Ohhh, the energy they have — continuously.  When I eavesdrop on them, sometimes the conversations they have with each other make me giggle.  Sometimes, their conversation make me want to whisper a prayer of repentance for them.  I think to myself, really? Did you just say that?  They’ve got a love hate relationship, I believe that’s pretty common for siblings – so I just continue to encourage them to love, be kind, and focus on doing things that put a smile on God’s face.  They love swimming in the pool – each trick starts with “Watch ME!”  So I watch…I play…we splash…throw…dunk…have fun.  They are all boy.


{Photo 161/365}  He asked me, “Mom, should I smile or not? Because, isn’t this supposed to be sad?”  Today he attended his first funeral.  One of my best friend’s mother-in-law passed away on Monday.  She was an amazing woman.  She was so young.  Cancer.  My heart aches for those she left behind – her children, grand children, husband, and friends — she was a light into the lives of many.  However, today she walks the streets of gold – hand in hand with her Father God.  So, my answer to Zachary was, “You can smile if you want to.  You can cry if you need to. Everybody responds differently.  It’s a sad day, yes – but it’s a celebration of a beautiful life.”  He wanted to be there – he dressed up – asked a lot of questions – we had great conversations.  It was a very emotional day.  No words can comfort those who were so closely connected.  Lots of hugs.  Lots of tears.