Water Cycle

{Photo 319/365}  He jumped in the car after school, it was the cutest thing in the world.  He said, “Mom, when it rains it’s NOT because Jesus is crying…when it rains it’s NOT because He is sad at the world.  I know why it rains!!”  A smile covered his whole face, I could tell he was excited about what he learned today in school.  When we got home he couldn’t wait to show me his science text book that explains the Water Cycle.  He said, “See mom? See?  The picture?  There’s water and lakes and puddles — then the water evaporates — then the water falls from the clouds that’s precipitation, that’s the rain!!  It’s not tears — I figured it out…the rain is not God’s teardrops.”  I captured this on video…it’s priceless — one of my favorite gifts of being a momma is watching these guys learn and grow.  Wow…what a GREAT gift!

Bubble Gum Bubble

{Photo 317/365}  I picked him up after a long day at our office.  We had the Keeping it Personal: Shop for a Cause Open House today.  It was fun…it was successful…but I was ready to go home, have dinner, and spend time with my 3 favorite people.  We were in the car drive when he says mumbling, “MMMMoommm,  llllloooookkkk! Llllloooooookkk!”  I came to a stop light and this is what I saw — a HUGE bubble gum bubble.  It was a good bubble, because it lasted long enough for me to whip out my camera and snap this.  He was SO excited…he just recently over the past few months has mastered blowing bubbles with bubble gum — such a proud little nugget.  I can remember these moments when I was a little girl, it’s the little things that are exciting.  I like that.

Nickelodeon Universe

{Photo 308/365} We went on a date today to Nickelodeon Universe, just the two of us.  We BOTH got wristbands to ride unlimited rides.  Any chance he gets, this is where he chooses to go — he absolutely LOVE this place.  He loves every ride…I would like to say I felt the same.  I did my best, but I’m getting a little too old for this — I guess I’m not, but my stomach and back are.  We had a blast, he got to hang with Spongebob do whatever he wanted to do — I just laughed with him, ran around with him, talked with him, and created a great memory.  We had a blast, I love this little nugget.  He’s such a bright light in my life.

Oreo Cookies

{Photo 307/365}  It’s the double stuff ones we like…ALL of US.  I always pick up a package when I go to the grocery store, I just do — but they don’t last long.  I’ve mistakenly bought the low-fat kind, and they sit there, they get stale and thrown away.  I’ve mistakenly bought the original kind, they sit there, they get stale and thrown away.  We pass over the holiday kind and prefer the DOUBLE STUFF.  The resealable packaging keeps ‘em fresh for the 2 days that they last in our pantry.  He likes to “dip” them in milk…I just eat ‘em with a glass of milk.  YUMMO!

Scary Day?

{Photo 304/365}  Halloween is not my favorite holiday — actually, if it didn’t exist, I would be VERY ok with it.  SO, the last thing on my list after traveling this month was preparing for this day.  I am grateful to my parents who stepped up to the plate for this little guy.  As I was driving to drop him off for the festivities at my parents church, he asked me, “Mom, isn’t Halloween supposed to be scary?”  I looked at him and responded, “Yes, I guess traditionally, it IS supposed to be scary.”  Then he said, “Mom, I don’t even have a trick-or-treat bag or bucket, why? and Mom, we didn’t carve pumpkins.”  I looked at him, realizing that he’s figured out I did absolutely nothing to make this day memorable for him and said, “I’m sorry sweetie…I know I didn’t make this holiday special for you.”  He looked at me, smiled, looked away and then said, “It’s ok, mom.”  My dad greeted him with a smile and a hug — they had a blast at the church — he came home 3 hours later with lots and lots of candy to share with his brother; he had a great time.  Today I’m just grateful for my parents — I so appreciate how they step up to the plate for me when I need help.  It’s a true blessing for the boys and for me.

The Relevant Conference

{Photo 300/365} I had an EARLY flight — when I got to the airport…sitting at the gate — I thought I recognized @Gussysews {that’s a twitter name, her real name is Maggie} It was her; we discovered that while tweeting back and fourth sitting at the same gate.  It is this strange weird world that the internet and social media creates.   It was a true blessing to meet @gussysews, she is ONE talented woman making fun sassy unique bags.  BUT this was just the beginning, I had a lay over in Detroit — there I met @funkyfaithgirl and @MySoulReflects and several others…it was a gathering of kindred spirits, it was sweet to meet so many fabulous women in real life that I’d only connected with 140 characters at a time.  When I arrived in Harrisburg, PA — I looked for this sweet friend @Erika_Dawson she’s an amazing writer, an special woman — not only have we tweeted, we’ve skyped!  I love the friendships that I’ve made online, I know God strategically places people into my life.  So excited to see what He has in store for me this weekend. Happy to be at #Relevant11.  Blessed to make new friends.

Just Friends

{Photo 295/365}  There are really no “little” people around here — children.  So, when ever we come here — the boys always look forward to the time they get to spend with the two little girls that live in our building.  Today was one of those days, finally!  It was the weekend, so the girls didn’t have school AND it wasn’t raining, so we got to enjoy the pool.  They play sharks and minnows and other pool games.  They time each others, have little contests, make up new games — they talk, yell and scream, splash around, sit in the jacuzzi…have fun.


{Photo 292/365} We woke up this morning to water in our carpets in the boy’s room and our bedroom — we are not quite sure why.  We’ve had so much rain and last night’s storm was strong winds with the rain — somehow seeped through, from somewhere.  SO, it was an unexpected day of the fire and home restoration company in our space, pulling back carpets, setting up huge commercial sized fans and dehumidifiers to dry the rooms out so we don’t get mold.  Then the building engineer was here to investigate the source, where did the water come from?  Oh well.  Life happens.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another.  Brent and I enjoyed our evening out on a date with friends while the boys hung out with their favorite babysitter.  Great ending to a very full day. smiling.


{Photo 291/365}  The best to do when it rains, is let it rain — and enjoy it!  Today we ventured out, because the rain would not stop and we were all cooped up.  Brent and the boys got haircuts, when they were done, they decided to go play in the rain.  They had so-much-fun.  It reminded me of when I was a little girl — I loved to play in the rain.  Nobody cared how wet they go, it was all about jumping in the puddles, splashing, and letting the raindrops fall on our heads.  They were soaked — I let them play as long as they wanted.  After this adventure, we ran a few errands, then had lunch at a mexican restaurant…YUMMO, my favorite; chips and salsa.  memories.  ”Let the rain kiss you.  Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.  Let the rain sing you a lullaby.” – Langston Hughes

VHS Movie Day

{Photo 290/365}  It’s been raining a lot — today was another day of rain.  He and I hung out in the movie theater and watched a couple of movies, older VHS movies.  Another simple day of quality time…