A Season Over

{Photo 279/365}  My sweet friend had GREAT reason to celebrate tonight…a season over.  A long journey came to an end…a new one begins.  We learn, we grow.  We are stretched, we are challenged.  We refine, we become.  I am so grateful for the people in my life — wisdom, confidence, strength.


{Photo 267/365}  Today was his first day on the job at the coin shop.  He could not wait to get there.  He and Brent have been going to coin shows for the past couple of years.  Zach’s been collecting them and now, he’s taking it to the next level.  He’s turning this little passion of his into something more.  He’s committed to learning, being groomed.  He left the house with his inventory to sell and came home excited to tell me all about the day, what he learned, and the plan to go back to work.  So proud of this little “business man.” so proud.

Working Together

{Photo 255/365}  At the beginning of the school year I had both of the boys sign a contract.  They committed to positive attitudes, being a leader in their class, no complaining, respect towards others, and asking for help.  With that, comes my part — my commitment to working with them and being available to help when I’m asked.  Today was one of those days.  He needed help with his homework.  And, because it was such a beautiful day, we decided work together on the front porch.  Brent captured this moment for me.  I love watching and being a part of my boys growth.  I am amazed by how individual they are in how they learn and do things.  What a gift, a precious gift to be their momma.  ”Don’t prepare the path…prepare the child for the path.”

I Was Mean

The delivery of our words are super duper important.  Today I’m talking about this…

Say what you mean AND mean what you say — BUT not mean.

Why is this SO hard sometimes, to say what we really mean?

fear — people pleasing — worry — wanting approval

How are YOU in this area of your life — do YOU say what you mean and mean what you say, nice?

Today I shared a video about this over at Keeping it Personal.  Follow me over –> here for a couple of minutes to hear about a little lesson I learned…


Forever Learning

{Photo 206/365}  We are back to tutoring; it’s been a hectic summer — but now we are buckling down until school starts.  Even with our little break, he did very well today.  I’m so proud of him.  I keep trying to help him understand that we will be forever students.  That learning doesn’t stop when we close the books or when the end of the day bell rings at school.  Some learn one way, others learn another.  Some things click instantly in certain subjects, others take a little more time and attention to grasp.  He will get there — with his reading — I know he will.  God has equipped him.  He’s got everything it takes, we all do.  ”Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.” - Abigail Adams


{Photo 201/365}  Just over a year ago I learned this acronym for FROG = Fully Rely On God — I loved it…such an easy visual for me to use as a reminder of what I need to do on a daily basis; how I need to live my life — S U R R E N D E R E D!  I found a really cute frog that I bought several months ago, it’s at my office.  Today I bought this one for my house.  It’s a pillow-pet!  The tag says for ages 3 and UP <— that’s me ‘UP’…I couldn’t resist the soft fluffy pillow pet at the check out line at the store, so it’s mine.  It’s a frog.  It’s my reminder.  Fully Rely On God.

Watching You

{Photo 200/365}  He plays hockey all year, its his sport.  This summer he’s attending an intense hockey training camp each day, it’s really kicking his butt — getting him into shape — he’s enjoying it.  While taping his stick today and getting ready, he talked about how he’s trying to be as good and as fast as his dad is at taping sticks.  He said, “The more I practice, the better I get.  Someday, I will be just like my dad.”  As I drove him to the rink, I reflected upon what their little eyes see.  They are always watching us (me) in every way.  One of their favorites songs is, Watching You, by Rodney Atkins. “…I’ve been watching you, dad ain’t that cool?  I’m your buckaroo, I want to be like you and eat all my food, and grow as tall as you are”  It’s so important that I set a good example, lead them, guide them, teach them, prepare them.  Father, lead me, so I can lead them.  Let me never forget they are watching. Amen.

Paper Guns

{Photo 190/365}  What is it with boys and guns?  Cowboys and Indians?  He started on this journey yesterday, we made a paper gun.  Last night before he went to bed he made a list of 3 more guns he wanted to make with me today.  So, that’s what we did.  We found other kids providing tutorials on YouTube explaining exactly how to do it — step by step.  3 hours later, yes t h r e e…I’m slow, we had 4 paper guns.  He’s sharing them now with his brother.  They created a game called Zombies.  One {with paper gun} chases the other {Zombie without paper gun} shoots him down, they wrestle, then they switch.  It’s never ending.  Love their imaginations and how much fun they have with these simple paper guns.  so cute. lol

Winter Estates

{Photo 180/365}  We spent the morning at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates – the four of us.  We all love learning and history.  It was an interesting experience, a very nice museum and tour.  I had no idea that Edison was close to deaf – what a brilliant man.  I also had no idea that he received over 1,900 patents in his life time and that he was responsible for inventing so many amazing things — not just the light bulb.  He and his wife loved nature and flowers — I loved these little bird houses they had in the Caloosahatchee River. peaceful.





{Photo 167/365}  YES we have a ton of weeds scattered throughout our yard landscaping.  I’m not a green thumb, so pulling weeds doesn’t top my priority list.  Additionally, I struggle with lower back pain, so bending over weeding doesn’t feel the greatest.  But I’m not complaining.  Today the boys and I spent the morning weeding – ok, not the whole morning, but one hour.  We accomplished a lot.  The brown paper Target bags were full when we were done and we only got half way through.  So, tomorrow we will weed again.

The cool part about this time we spent together is that I was able to share with the boys the importance of weeding not only our yard, but our lives.  As we attempted to pull the bigger deep rooted weeds, it was tough; just like deep rooted issues in our lives.  Such as negative attitudes, bad habits, unhealthy people.

Once we identify the weeds, we need to be intentional about getting to the roots and pulling them out – otherwise they will come back.  If we don’t take the time to weed, our beautiful yard “life” gets contaminated with ugliness.  We had a great talk.  I think the boys got it.  One sang as he weeded – the other grumbled and complained.  It was a great opportunity to see the difference and for them to truly understand what I was trying to teach them.  I love teachable moments with my nuggets.  Even when I’m doing something I don’t enjoy doing.  weeding.