Season of Rest

{Photo 283/365}  This is the first winter in 6 years that we will not have at lease 1 nugget playing hockey.  These boys both requested a season of rest.  We all need breaks — it’s healthy and gives us opportunities to see things from a different perspective.  The decision wasn’t made easily, but once it was, we were all thrilled.  Coming home after school and eating as a family without having to rush to practices and games sounds delightful.  Wide open weekends with flexibility and choices to do…w h a t e v e r…is refreshing.  They are not hanging it up, they are simply taking a rest.  So, tonight while all his friends are at tryouts, he is home wrestling with his brother, having family dinner, getting homework done, sitting in the jacuzzi, and watching monday night football with his grandpa.  No regrets.

My Little Explorer

{Photo 237/365}  His sweet smile always brightens my day even when he sneaks up on me and tries to scare me — BOO!  Today we were at the hockey rink.  Zach has a big tournament this weekend.  So, in the 85 degree summer heat, I was sitting in the cold rink with my UGGs on — and Zane was running around, exploring, working up a sweat.  He climbed up the back of the bleachers to surprise me — when I looked at him, I saw his precious little cheeks and had to snap this picture.  He’s just so dang sweet!  BUT I’m still ready for school to start on Monday…YEP I sure am!


{Photo 226/365}  Five games in 3 days, wrapped in my fleece blanket, I watched his AAA team rock the Easton Cup Tournament.  What a great weekend of hockey, I am so proud of the team — they won the championship game — 1st Place!  But I’m especially proud of my little nugget, the trophy that he received was for MVP, he received the Most Valuable Player award for the tournament.  We had a great talk about what it meant on the drive home.  He was smiling ear to ear, I know he’s proud of himself, but he also knows the value of team effort.  I always remind him that there is NO “i” in the word TEAM.  We had a blast cheering them on, sitting in the freezing cold rink most of the warm August weekend. memories.

Watching You

{Photo 200/365}  He plays hockey all year, its his sport.  This summer he’s attending an intense hockey training camp each day, it’s really kicking his butt — getting him into shape — he’s enjoying it.  While taping his stick today and getting ready, he talked about how he’s trying to be as good and as fast as his dad is at taping sticks.  He said, “The more I practice, the better I get.  Someday, I will be just like my dad.”  As I drove him to the rink, I reflected upon what their little eyes see.  They are always watching us (me) in every way.  One of their favorites songs is, Watching You, by Rodney Atkins. “…I’ve been watching you, dad ain’t that cool?  I’m your buckaroo, I want to be like you and eat all my food, and grow as tall as you are”  It’s so important that I set a good example, lead them, guide them, teach them, prepare them.  Father, lead me, so I can lead them.  Let me never forget they are watching. Amen.


{Photo 163/365}  What a great weekend of hockey; good competitive hockey.  They worked hard and took it all.  I’m amazed how well the are developing and working together.  They have a strong team.  “I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.” - Mia Hamm

Concession Stand Food

{Photo 121/365}  My little rink rat.  He runs around with all the other siblings of the hockey players; they play and work up a sweat - and he eats more junk food than I would like to admit from the concession stands.  This morning, at the 7:00 a.m. game, he walked into the rink looked up at all of us hockey moms with these two recess peanut butter cups covering his eyes.  He’s so lovable and sweet – all we could do was laugh!  I had to snap a picture.  What a precious little nugget – entertaining the sleepy moms in the freezing cold rink.  He brightens everyone’s day.


{Photo 119/365}  Another hockey tournament weekend for Zach’s AAA team.   Besides me, of course, these were his three biggest cheerleaders; grandpa, cousin, brother.  It was a great game against Alaska, yep Alaska – that’s a long haul!  Our team won, they played great; Zach had 2 goals and 2 assists.  It means a lot to him when family comes to cheer him on. special.

Warrior Cup

{Photo 107/365}  The boys worked hard and played well all weekend.  We made it to the championship game; very intense.  The teams were evenly matched, both deserved to play for 1st place.  Each period was neck to neck – they scored, we scored – we scored, they scored – it was tied, the final goal was made with 20 seconds remaining in the 3rd.  We lost, but not without a fight. Final score 6 to 5 – it was a great game. Zach got to bring home the hardware for a while, the second place trophy, he was smiling big.  Proud hockey mom.

Welcome Back Grandpa

{Photo 104/365}  This is the first hockey game grandpa’s been able to watch this year.  He and grandma just got back from a missions trip – perfect timing since this weekend is hockey, hockey, hockey!  I love watching the games with my dad and Zach feels so special to have him there.  It was a great game.  We beat Iceman 5 to 1 – it’s going to be a fun tournament to watch.  Quality time with dad. special.