Holiday Brunch

{Photo 309/365}  Today was the annual ladies brunch at my mom’s church.  She “sponsored” a table — decorated it so beautifully, she’s crafty and creative like that, I am just not.  We don’t get together as often as you would think, since we all live so close; it takes intentionally planned events like this to get us ladies together.  I got to see two aunties, my mom’s cousin, her friend, and of course my mom and my sister.  It was a GREAT morning…fun.  Quiet.  Relaxing.

Twitter Love

{Photo 302/365} This is @MySoulReflects…sweet Cherie.  We connected about a year ago on twitter…when I found out she was attending this conference — I was SO excited.  SHE is an encourager a cheerleader!  She is a connecter a social butterfly…she is absolutely lovely.  Again, just overwhelmed with gratitude by the people I’m getting to know…this one is a GEM.

Square UP

{Photo 299/365}  I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off today — getting unpacked, grocery shopping, kids settled in and taken care of, filling book orders, and packing again.  I leave EARLY tomorrow morning for the Relevant Conference in Harrisburg, PA — SO excited!  With that said, today I am grateful for Square…this new little tool makes my life so simple, and I’m looking for some “simple.”  I love technology, I can sell my books, The Ultimate Journey, and coaching packages so easily from my iPhone or iPad…on the fly!  Today was a great day — productive. blessed.

Squiggly Straw

{Photo 280/365}  I’ve been sitting at this desk working all week.  It’s been productive…I’m wrapping up loose ends.  The website is officially ready for book orders, I received my FIRST unsolicited online order today — I have no clue who the person is or how they found the page since it just went live, BUT so-very-excited! YIPEE!  Anyway, sometime you just need to grab a bright pink napkin and a squiggly straw to drink your diet Pepsi…that’s what I did…it made me smile… =)

Unmatched Socks

{Photo 276/365}  While my parent’s home is “under-construction” they are staying with us for a few days (with their little dog) — it’s a BLESSING!  Last night the boys had a sleep over on the floor with grandma and grandpa.  They love playing with samson, the dog, and this morning my mom made them pancakes.  That was a treat, since I typically make them eggs {or we just have cereal or toast…blah, blah, blah}  In addition to all that, my mom took the time tonight to match the drawer I had full of unmatched socks.  They’ve been piling up since the last time they were matched back in August.  I am grateful for the help. truly.

Twin Cities 10 Mile

{Photo 275/365}  It was a BEAUTIFUL day for the TC10, I look forward to this race each year — this, I believe, is the 7th time I’ve run it.  The course is vibrant with fall colors, I LOVE IT!  My goal has always been to have fun and just finish, each year I accomplish that.  I’ve never been concerned about my time and I typically just run it alone.  When I see my biggest fan {my husband} I stop, chat for a bit and give him a kiss, then get back to running.  I don’t take it too seriously. =) It was an AMAZING, FUN, FABULOUS, day….


{Photo 272/365}  If we don’t have our health, really, what do we have.  My FIL, their Grandpa Bob, is feeling better.  What an answer to prayer!!  Each day, he seems to be improving since he’s been out of the hospital — he’s spending time back at the golf course, on the nice days — and of course, making us laugh with this silly sense of humor.  The boys love having him around, Brent and I do too.  What a blessing he is in our lives. grateful.


{Photo 256/365}  I love unexpected moments.  Tonight I brought Zane to his football game and his team just happened to be playing Owen’s team, SO my special “sister-friend” of course was there to watch her son play {with their dog Murphy}  Her and I were blessed with time together!  Talking, laughing, catching up and…watching our little guys battle it out.  I needed this blessing today, this out-of-the-blue happening.  ”A true friend is the greatest of all blessings…

Same Thing Different Day

{Photo 254/365}  Another fabulous day…to S W I M!  I checked out the forecast and it looks like today may be one of our last to enjoy the pool.  SO, last minute we invited the cousins over and it worked out — YIPEE!!  These guys had a blast.  We live so close, yet we rarely see one another with our full lives and hectic schedules.  It worked out great…they played while my sister and I caught up on life.  family.

Freezing in August

{Photo 242/365}  What?!?!?  It’s 63 degrees in August — drizzling rain — super windy!  I was freezing tonight sitting at the football field watching my little nugget tackling the other football players.  Socks, runners, jeans, a couple of shirts, with my hooded sweatshirt up over my head, wrapped in my very large fleece hockey blanket and I was still C O L D!  Oh my goodness, it’s August.  I’m still thinking flop-flops and tank-tops!  Oh well, that’s me not giving ONE single thought to fashion or lookin’ good.  I just love watching my little guys — I’m their number one fan!