Ignored, BUT not forgotten

My last post here was November 15th…I haven’t forgotten about this space, really I haven’t…

…its just been ignored.

The picture a day, project 365, that I worked on in 2011 started out FUN FUN FUN, until it became something I had. to. DO. DO. DO.  That’s what I had been sharing here, just a picture and a reflection EVERYDAY.

What happened?  why did I stop?  I had to eliminate something from my life and that’s what I chose.  YES…I kept taking the pictures, I just stopped posting them here.  I was falling behind, couldn’t keep up with all of my irons-in-the-fire so I decided to ignore this space.

Now…a few months later — I’m back.  With a renewed spirit and a desire to write. to share my thoughts. to expand.  SO that’s what I’m going to do — share in this space.  No more project 365. No more attempting to post each day.  No set schedule.  No rigid plan or theme or writing schedule to adhere to.  Just sharing when I feel compelled – I will just write…

Today I am so grateful for these gifts…

the sun shining
Fay who prayed with me
Jill who’s helping me prepare for our Valentine’s Day party
Rebekah who has taken over The Refine Conference blog
my parents who lovingly look out for my best interests
the experiences that are refining me

Yes, it was was ignored, BUT not forgotten — What are YOU grateful for today?

Twitter Love

{Photo 302/365} This is @MySoulReflects…sweet Cherie.  We connected about a year ago on twitter…when I found out she was attending this conference — I was SO excited.  SHE is an encourager a cheerleader!  She is a connecter a social butterfly…she is absolutely lovely.  Again, just overwhelmed with gratitude by the people I’m getting to know…this one is a GEM.

A long walk, A long talk

{Photo 296/365}  This was a very much needed day for both of us.  A long walk, a long talk.  It was a beautiful day.  We started our walk on the berm; saw several alligators.  Then down the boardwalk through the mangroves.  Then a walk up the beach, the sun was warm, the breeze was just right, partially walking in the water and partially on the sand; barefoot.  Great friend, great conversation, great day. blessed.

Just Friends

{Photo 295/365}  There are really no “little” people around here — children.  So, when ever we come here — the boys always look forward to the time they get to spend with the two little girls that live in our building.  Today was one of those days, finally!  It was the weekend, so the girls didn’t have school AND it wasn’t raining, so we got to enjoy the pool.  They play sharks and minnows and other pool games.  They time each others, have little contests, make up new games — they talk, yell and scream, splash around, sit in the jacuzzi…have fun.


{Photo 287/365}  God has strategically placed people into my life in a very big way over the past 3 years.  She happens to be one of them…Yolanda, my coach, my cheerleader, my friend.  Through our relationship, she has opened my eyes to so many things.  She has challenged me to think bigger and to embrace more of “who I am.”  She is a channel of encouragement to me and I’m very blessed to have the opportunity to work with her on my journey with the book.  Today was a day of {emotional} celebration — we met, planned, reflected. grateful.


{Photo 259/365}  I was SO excited about this morning — to see Sarah {and her sister Heather!} We talk on the phone and text, yes, but it had been a very long time since we’d been able to see each other face-to-face.  She was in town, YIPEE!  Here’s my crazy reflection…growing up my mom got together with her friends for coffee and such during the week, I can remember her friends and their kids coming over, or us going to another home.  The moms would connect and have adult conversations — us kids would play.  They were the “age” that I am now — I cannot image them EVER taking a picture like this…being silly…from what I can remember as a little girl, they were always prim-and-proper, very mature and adult-like.  But, not us!  We had coffee, cinnamon rolls, and fruit — that was familiar, like them, but other than that?  Not so sure.  LOVED my time with these two fabulous sisters…amongst the silliness, we had a heart connection, it’s a blessing to be able to just “pick-up” with friends right where you left off…special time.  grateful.


{Photo 256/365}  I love unexpected moments.  Tonight I brought Zane to his football game and his team just happened to be playing Owen’s team, SO my special “sister-friend” of course was there to watch her son play {with their dog Murphy}  Her and I were blessed with time together!  Talking, laughing, catching up and…watching our little guys battle it out.  I needed this blessing today, this out-of-the-blue happening.  ”A true friend is the greatest of all blessings…

Fake Frogs, I like

{Photo 253/365}  The weather was amazing today — a great morning for Zane’s football game, and a great afternoon for our play date with our friends swimming.  Once all the kids were settled and had everything they needed, doing their cannon-balls and sliding down the slide, it was time for me to sit down.  There was a green “leaf” on my lawn chair, so I thought.  I attempted to wipe the “leaf” off and it jumped up at me — it was this bright green frog!!  It scared me and I screamed.  Of course the kids thought it was great, they all took turns touching it and playing with it.  I just took pictures.  I like fake frogs, I decided.  The stuffed animal kinds that aren’t slimy and moving.  The ones that remind me of FROG {fully rely on God}  This one did not remind me of that, I’m just sayin’ =)

Water Park

{Photo 238/365}  Zach’s hockey tournament just happened to be where my friends were meeting for a play date at the water park.  I love how things work out unexpectedly.  We all got together and enjoyed hours sliding, rock climbing, rope swinging, laughing, and connecting.  We could not have asked for more perfect weather.  Zach had a blast entertaining this little guy, he loves babies and playing with the younger kids.  So sweet. What a perfect end-of-the-summer gathering for all of us…3 mammas and 8 little nuggets!  fun!


Neighborhood Buddies

{Photo 236/365}  Another beautiful day — a revolving door over here in the neighborhood — which I love.  I got to hang with the boys today.  It’s great to have friends who live just driveways away, we haven’t had that before.  We love living here for so many reasons.  So many things to be grateful for. blessed.