High School Football

{Photo 273/365}  I think this might be only the second high school football game that I’ve been to in 20 years, since I graduated from high school.  WOW, did it bring back memories.  Mascot and cheerleaders.  Marching band and dance line.  Crowded bleachers and concession stands.  It wasn’t cool for me to have my camera, both of the boys were sure to tell me that — I embarrassed them when I tried to get the mascots attention to snap a shot with them together; oops.  They saw their friends, but spent most of the night sitting with me wrapped in a warm fleece blanket watching the game instead of roaming around socializing.  We had fun…just the 3 of us.  It was youth football night, so Zane got to go down to the field during half-time.  He really loves football, I think it’s his sport. fun.


Proud Dad

{Photo 263/365}  His team rocks this year — they are 6 and 0.  This is his first year, and he’s having a blast.  The coaches are great and he’s learning a lot.  He loves football!  They walked back to the car together…discussing the game.  It was a cold windy night, I guess the two go hand in hand.

Freezing in August

{Photo 242/365}  What?!?!?  It’s 63 degrees in August — drizzling rain — super windy!  I was freezing tonight sitting at the football field watching my little nugget tackling the other football players.  Socks, runners, jeans, a couple of shirts, with my hooded sweatshirt up over my head, wrapped in my very large fleece hockey blanket and I was still C O L D!  Oh my goodness, it’s August.  I’m still thinking flop-flops and tank-tops!  Oh well, that’s me not giving ONE single thought to fashion or lookin’ good.  I just love watching my little guys — I’m their number one fan!

Hut, Hut, Hut

{Photo 239/365} READY.  SET. Hut. Hut. Hut…why do they say — hut?  I had to ask google, here’s what I found.  First, it’s a simple word. The origin of the word “hut” in terms of being a command dates back to at least the Roman Centurions. They would give a command and then shout “hut” to communicate that the command was to be executed at that time.  Second, the reason Hut is particularly well liked is because, well, think of noise as being high frequency and low frequency. In a football stadium, the noise is high frequency. Hut, however, is low frequency, meaning it is easier to hear.  I love learning NEW things!  =)  Today, he played in his first tackle football game.  He did such a great job – blocking, bringing the other team D O W N!  Our team won.


{Photo 214/365}  Today I stopped into Play It Again Sports to get his padded pants, socks, practice jersey, and helmet.  Tonight at practice they weighed him in and fitted him for the shoulder pads.  Here we are — set to go — looking good!  He is extremely excited about tackling other kids and the roughness of this sport.  Running back or quarter back, are his top picks for positions to play…but really, he said, “I don’t care – I just want to play.”  Tonight was fun.  I’m ooking forward to a season sitting outside, instead of sitting in the rink.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

Football Camp

{Photo 209/365}  He took this week so seriously, football camp.  Training for the upcoming season of tackle football is super exciting.  It was hot.  It was humid.  It was sweaty, sweaty, sweaty.  It was fun — he had a blast.  Zach and I went today and watched his team scrimmage the other teams, I can tell he learned a lot, fundamentals of the game, which is so crucial.  Life is about learning and growing.  It’s about commitment and desire.  This little guy toughed it out, had such a positive attitude all week, and now he’s anxious to start the season.  I love being a mom and watching these little nuggets develop. grow. become.  God is doing great things in their hearts, I can see it.  special.


Neighborhood Football

{Photo 108/365} Finally, the boys enjoyed an evening outside playing in our new neighborhood.  They walked over to the neighbor’s house and made two new friends – what a blessing, two little nuggets around the same age.  They had a blast playing flag football – grass stains, sweat, and a little blood.  So much fun – on this beautiful day.