Bubble Gum Bubble

{Photo 317/365}  I picked him up after a long day at our office.  We had the Keeping it Personal: Shop for a Cause Open House today.  It was fun…it was successful…but I was ready to go home, have dinner, and spend time with my 3 favorite people.  We were in the car drive when he says mumbling, “MMMMoommm,  llllloooookkkk! Llllloooooookkk!”  I came to a stop light and this is what I saw — a HUGE bubble gum bubble.  It was a good bubble, because it lasted long enough for me to whip out my camera and snap this.  He was SO excited…he just recently over the past few months has mastered blowing bubbles with bubble gum — such a proud little nugget.  I can remember these moments when I was a little girl, it’s the little things that are exciting.  I like that.


{Photo 311/365}  Up until today — prayer is how I’ve been preparing for the next three days.  My prayers are always the same, “Father, may Your will be done, not mine.  May Your words be visible and my words invisible.  Nail my flesh down, speak through me.  Prepare their hearts for what You have in store for them.  Open their eyes to see, their ears to hear, their hearts to know the Truth that You want them to know in their hearts. Thank YOU for allowing me the opportunity to see first hand the work You are doing.”   Tomorrow, three women will begin The Ultimate Journey, Unpacking Self-deception.  I’m preparing the space so they feel special and comfortable.  I’m preparing my heart, my mind, my soul.  I am prepared and expecting God to show up in a VERY BIG way…

The Book

{Photo 293/365}  He was sure to tell me that he hadn’t finished a book since college.  I had no expectations and have no expectations for anyone to read my book, Overcoming the Nevers, I just don’t.  I understand there are many people who don’t like to read.  I understand that even if someone does enjoy reading, the title may not appeal to them.  I also understand that certain people are into fiction and not non-fiction.  Whatever the case may be, I know that the book I wrote will not appeal to everyone — there will be mixed reviews — some will love it, some will not.  My prayer for anyone, including my father-in-law, who decides to pick it up and read it is that their heart will be touched in a special way.  That’s it.  I’m grateful that he chose to pick it up.  He told my husband that he likes it. =)


Unmatched Socks

{Photo 276/365}  While my parent’s home is “under-construction” they are staying with us for a few days (with their little dog) — it’s a BLESSING!  Last night the boys had a sleep over on the floor with grandma and grandpa.  They love playing with samson, the dog, and this morning my mom made them pancakes.  That was a treat, since I typically make them eggs {or we just have cereal or toast…blah, blah, blah}  In addition to all that, my mom took the time tonight to match the drawer I had full of unmatched socks.  They’ve been piling up since the last time they were matched back in August.  I am grateful for the help. truly.


{Photo 272/365}  If we don’t have our health, really, what do we have.  My FIL, their Grandpa Bob, is feeling better.  What an answer to prayer!!  Each day, he seems to be improving since he’s been out of the hospital — he’s spending time back at the golf course, on the nice days — and of course, making us laugh with this silly sense of humor.  The boys love having him around, Brent and I do too.  What a blessing he is in our lives. grateful.

School Lunch

{Photo 266/365} I’m not very creative when it comes to school lunches.  It’s a little difficult when the boys are picky.  The simple thing to do is pay for school lunch, it’s probably the most economic option.  But because they are “picky” the food we were paying for, I discovered, often times went to waste.  Additionally, when they got home from school they were starving.  So, we decided mid-way through last year we would pack lunches.  Everyday is the same — one likes pb&j the other one ham, cheese, and mayo.  We’ve got a system down…I make the sandwiches — they grab the extras and pack their lunch.  Once in a while I throw in a little note. =)

Moms In Touch

{Photo 257/365}  This morning I attended my first Moms In Touch group at the school my little nuggets attend. Why? Because my son asked me, “Mom, will you pray for me?” I said YES! What a blessing it was to be surrounded this morning with other moms who are passionate about praying Truth into their children’s lives! I’m looking forward to seeing what God is up to as we seek Him first!! =)


{Photo 249/365}  Last night, Brent brought his dad to the ER.  He’d been sick all day and finally (men can be so stubborn) my father-in-law chose to go to the hospital.  When I asked him how he felt, he said, “Like a wet rag.”  I guess that’s pretty bad…so they went.  He had a heart attack — the doctors don’t know specifically when, but the count of whatever was in his blood was really high.  He’s feeling a lot better tonight, fluids, blood sugar level, temperature, rest.  But tomorrow, they are going to do an angiogram to explore and check everything out.  I’ve been praying, I’ve invited others to pray.  I believe he’s going to be ok, in my heart I do.  As I sit in this room, in the ICU, I’m amazed by the technology.  I’m amazed by all the computer monitoring, everything hooked up to him that lets the nurses know in an instant what’s happening.  As I sit in this room, I’m deep in thought about time, our time, my time — life on earth.  Life is short.  I love my father-in-law — we are grateful to have him so close and a part of our lives.  Grateful for life.  Grateful that he’s feeling better.  Our days are numbered, I want to be sure my time here has purpose.


{Photo 230/365} He’s untraditional in so many ways.  With holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations.  With business, always connecting dots, embarking upon new adventures, thinking outside of the box, taking risks.  Yet, traditional.  He’s a repeater and finds comfort in the usual, the established, the customary.  He subscribes to the newspaper, from his home town in Iowa; it’s a piece that keeps him connected to his roots.  He enjoys the coin collections.  The gentleman “ways” — I like that.  I just love him.  ”Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave.” - Martin Luther

Life is Precious

{Photo 229/365}  I was R E F L E C T I N G this morning –> 1 year ago today…I can’t believe time has gone by so quickly…life is SO precious…SO fragile…our time here is SO temporary…we must L I V E each day to it’s fullest…BE a light…love…forgive…show compassion –> We are celebrating your life today, Michelle Holmes…remembering YOU!! I know you’re dancing with Our Father, singing, riding horses, doing yoga, and eating chips and salsa in heaven.  The three of us met today to remember our friend — mexican style, her favorite — we had a great time.  laughing. sharing. connecting.