{Photo 301/365}  This message spoke to my heart — make everyday count — I do my best to live intentionally…I choose to grow, I do my best to respond positively in all situations, I focus on keeping my side of the street clean…making amends with others and owning my part.  But lately, life has been SO full — I feel that I’m not taking the time to plan to be effective, to make everyday count, to use the time I’ve been given each day wisely.  The message is one I needed to hear…what’s really important?  What really needs to get done, to happen?  Am I surrendered to His plan and I’m focusing on pleasing Him?  Am I making everyday count in my relationships, with my children, with my man, with what He’s called me to do?  Am I making everyday count for Him?  Lots of thoughts running in my head…encouraged by this message. grateful.

Give it Feet

We need to give our ideas feet — then and only then can we move forward in all areas of our lives:  emotional. spiritual. professional. financial. relationships. health/wellness.  Today my vlog is about implementation, go watch it here.  Are YOU giving “feet” to what you learn?

Implementation = to cary out; put into action; perform. exercise. apply. pursue

Working Together

{Photo 255/365}  At the beginning of the school year I had both of the boys sign a contract.  They committed to positive attitudes, being a leader in their class, no complaining, respect towards others, and asking for help.  With that, comes my part — my commitment to working with them and being available to help when I’m asked.  Today was one of those days.  He needed help with his homework.  And, because it was such a beautiful day, we decided work together on the front porch.  Brent captured this moment for me.  I love watching and being a part of my boys growth.  I am amazed by how individual they are in how they learn and do things.  What a gift, a precious gift to be their momma.  ”Don’t prepare the path…prepare the child for the path.”

Domestic Day

{Photo 158/365}  This is where I spent a good portion of my day, in the laundry room.  I think I did about 10 loads — I was the domestic diva.  Our final guests left this morning so today was all about getting the house “back” — now…got to figure out the new routine, what’s next, and our busy summer schedule.  My life is full of changes, just taking it one day at a time.  Today – I crossed a lot of things off my to-do list and it felt great.  progress.

Just the two of us

{Photo 153/365}  We needed some one-on-one time, just me and him – so we went to a movie.  It was a great movie Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D.  The message in the movie was great, the Truth will set you free. healing. restoration.  We had a nice time sharing the buttered popcorn…spending time together.  Talking.  Just the two of us.

Project Complete

{Photo 150/365}  We moved in February 7th.  For the most part we are functioning; unpacked.  We do still have some boxes in the garage that need to be dealt with but that’s my summer project; find a home for that stuff, toss, or donate.  The office?  Well I finally tackled that today — finally!  After many {m a n y} requests from my husband to get it done, I decided, today was the day…it took me all day.  It feels great to be organized, to know where everything is, and have a system in place — I’ve got it now!  Yipee, SO excited!  “A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it.” - ScottAllen –> Project complete, this is going to work for me. indeed.

Time OUT

{Photo 145/365}  School cannot get over soon enough for these two little nuggets – 3 days left then…schools-OUT-for-the-summer!  I can remember the feeling as a child, wrapping up one chapter, looking forward to a new one.  But today, they got a time out; 15 minutes alone in their bedrooms.  The ants in their pants were out of control from the moment I picked them up from school.  They were getting on each other’s nerves, not fighting, just annoying one another.  I left with the doors closed, when I came up to get them – this is what I saw.  Super cute.  Tonight was a rough night parenting.  The time out didn’t help one bit.  Bedtime could not come soon enough.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Lord, lead me. help me parent. amen.

Happy Boy

{Photo 142/365}  He had a super fun day, Valleyfair with his best cousin-friend Coop.  We got home at 10:00, a little late for a school night, but that’s ok.  He had a lot to talk about as we drove home.  He shared with me how tornados form, “Hot air, which is the devil, meets cold air, which is God.  When they meet the twist and make a tornado then the devil wins cause it destroys stuff and that’s not nice.”  I wish I could’ve gotten that explanation on video, but I was driving.  Then when I tucked him in he said, “Guess what?  When you sleep your eyes don’t blink.  Wanna know why?  Because they’re closed.”  Oh my, I affirmed him and smiled – he is so smart and sweet.  proud momma.  “Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them.” - Richard L. Evans

The Pickle Party

This past weekend, I had the privilege of being invited to a ‘pickle party’ as my daughter would say. For many years now, a number of family friends gather at my godmother’s cabin once a summer to can pickles. These aren’t just any pickles, these are Marian’s pickles. I’m telling you, Marian (my godmother) has the most amazing pickle recipe. Word gets out about these pickles, and I find myself hiding them in my laundry room cabinet! The newly canned jars are carefully rationed once the pickling process is complete. Everyone has their favorite, mine are the baby dills. I could honestly sit down and finish a jar all on my own!

Not only is this both an art and a science, (it is really a complicated process!) it is a great time to catch up with old friends. My ‘station’ is by the sink and stove, with one of my most respected friends, ‘Sus’. She is really like family. Because life is busy, we don’t get to see each other or even talk all that frequently.  But when we do, I so appreciate her. Her example. Her heart. One of the many reasons I look forward to this weekend.

In recapping my Pickle Party, I realized there are some important lessons learned. Not only for pickling, but for life in general:

  • Pay attention to detail. To process. To your team members. (Those jars won’t seal and your pickles will ‘sour’ if each step isn’t followed correctly! Isn’t that also true with certain real life situations?)
  • Collaborate. It is a team effort, and each person has a valued role.
  • Listen. To not only direction, but to each other!
  • Teach. Take time to teach each other a craft, trade or simply life lesson learned. Pass on something to the next generation!
  • Laugh. Don’t take yourself too seriously!
  • A little sweat labor yields a priceless product.
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  • Take time to start and keep a meaningful tradition.
  • Make reconnecting with your family / friends a priority.

and lastly…..


Pretty good life advise, don’t you think?  …….thanks for the great pickle party Marian!

A Special Blessing

Its been several weeks since this happened.  Every time I think about it, it brings a smile to my face.  I’ve been wanting to write about it, I JUST haven’t taken the time………today I FINALLY am.

Thursday, June 4th I was exhausted.  My back had been out for a couple of weeks, I was slowly on the mend, but things were not being accomplished because I just was NOT feeling up to it.  The boys were NOW out of school – so the transition from “my” time during the day had begun.  I needed to adjust to sharing the treasured hours during the day, where I could accomplish things with out distractions, with worrying about the boys being bored, having something fun to do, breaking up the “brotherly love” fighting, and taxi mom to play dates, day camps, and sports activities.  UFDAH – it was JUST the first day of summer!!

My todo list was VERY long – we were in the process of getting our home ready to put on the market.  It’s amazing to me how much work needs to be done to get the house ready for others to see it.  The punch list from the realtor was 3 pages long!  I had to call in the troops to assist me with my mini-extreme makeover home addition project.  I had THAT day ONLY before I was headed out of town to meet a friend who I hadn’t seen in 1 year, so I needed to make the best of it.

I woke up that morning, still NOT feeling well, and begun visualizing my day.  It didn’t look pretty.  Here were my racing thoughts:  My husband was out of town (hhhmmmm, how convenient?!?!?) so he wasn’t available to help.  Every closet and cupboard had to be de-cluttered and organized.  The movers were coming to rearrange and remove furniture to put into storage.  The handyman was coming to fix things, paint, drill, hang, etc.  Tina, the home “stager” was coming to suggest and give pointers on how to make the home SHINE for showings.  Kelly, my cleaning lady was coming to help with cleaning, wash windows, and sorting things into piles:  Keep.  Toss.  Good Will.  It was going to BE Grand Central Station.  Then I thought………I  sure do love my little nuggets dearly, but I knew that the day would be stressful with them being home.  I had forgotten about THEM being home, school was OUT!!  oops!

Then I got the phone call.  My friend Tricia called.  She asked if she could pick up the boys and take them for the afternoon.  WOW, REALLY?!?!  Apparently I had mentioned to her previously about this day and she knew the boys would be out of school.  So, she offered to take them for the day.  I felt a little guilty at first, you know, the “SUPER mom guilt” which causes you to respond to an offer like that this way, “Oh, NO, that’s ok, I can manage.” The LIE that just so easily flows out of our mouths – we say NO when we REALLY REALLY mean YES – HELP ME!!  SOS!!  Ok, so that’s what I did initially UNTIL she insisted and wouldn’t take NO for an answer.  She picked up the boys around 11:00am – took them to her home, fed them, played with them, let them run around and have a BLAST at her home on her land out in the country.  I was able to tackle my punch list with OUT any distractions.  She was a BLESSING to me that day, and I STILL appreciate it so very much!

What’s more is that in addition to the FREE gift she blessed me with by watching my boys, a couple of days later she emailed me these special gifts.

WOW!  PRICELESS pictures of my boys!  I hadn’t taken the time in years to have professional photos taken of the boys and she captured them so beautifully!

Thank you Tricia for blessing me that day and Thank you for keeping it personal,  for taking action with the lingering thought that passed through your mind to help me.  I appreciate you and our friendship.  I hope to sometime return the blessing to you!!  :-)

Ps.  If you’re looking for a GREAT photographer check out her work on her website by clicking here.