{Photo 301/365}  This message spoke to my heart — make everyday count — I do my best to live intentionally…I choose to grow, I do my best to respond positively in all situations, I focus on keeping my side of the street clean…making amends with others and owning my part.  But lately, life has been SO full — I feel that I’m not taking the time to plan to be effective, to make everyday count, to use the time I’ve been given each day wisely.  The message is one I needed to hear…what’s really important?  What really needs to get done, to happen?  Am I surrendered to His plan and I’m focusing on pleasing Him?  Am I making everyday count in my relationships, with my children, with my man, with what He’s called me to do?  Am I making everyday count for Him?  Lots of thoughts running in my head…encouraged by this message. grateful.

The Book

{Photo 293/365}  He was sure to tell me that he hadn’t finished a book since college.  I had no expectations and have no expectations for anyone to read my book, Overcoming the Nevers, I just don’t.  I understand there are many people who don’t like to read.  I understand that even if someone does enjoy reading, the title may not appeal to them.  I also understand that certain people are into fiction and not non-fiction.  Whatever the case may be, I know that the book I wrote will not appeal to everyone — there will be mixed reviews — some will love it, some will not.  My prayer for anyone, including my father-in-law, who decides to pick it up and read it is that their heart will be touched in a special way.  That’s it.  I’m grateful that he chose to pick it up.  He told my husband that he likes it. =)



{Photo 292/365} We woke up this morning to water in our carpets in the boy’s room and our bedroom — we are not quite sure why.  We’ve had so much rain and last night’s storm was strong winds with the rain — somehow seeped through, from somewhere.  SO, it was an unexpected day of the fire and home restoration company in our space, pulling back carpets, setting up huge commercial sized fans and dehumidifiers to dry the rooms out so we don’t get mold.  Then the building engineer was here to investigate the source, where did the water come from?  Oh well.  Life happens.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another.  Brent and I enjoyed our evening out on a date with friends while the boys hung out with their favorite babysitter.  Great ending to a very full day. smiling.

Give it Feet

We need to give our ideas feet — then and only then can we move forward in all areas of our lives:  emotional. spiritual. professional. financial. relationships. health/wellness.  Today my vlog is about implementation, go watch it here.  Are YOU giving “feet” to what you learn?

Implementation = to cary out; put into action; perform. exercise. apply. pursue

What’s YOUR Ding?

Today my vlog over at Keeping it Personal is a reflection about Steve Jobs and a quote from him about putting a “ding” in the universe, go here to check it out.

Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me. - Steve Jobs


{Photo 277/365}  Bath & Body Works Nectarine Mint anti-bacterial deep cleansing hand soap does not taste good, these two will be the first to tell you.  WHY?  Because our day ended with sassy lips, disrespect, fighting, talking back and I had enough.  My solution? Separation with soap in their mouths for 10 minutes.  Then shower and off to bed at 7:15.  I know, “I’m the mean mom” and “life is cheap” and all the other nasty-ness that came streaming from their lips was meaningless — I just did what I needed to do to bring order to the chaos.  I love these two nuggets more than anything in the whole-wide-world, tonight was a challenge.  Tomorrow is a new day…mercy and grace.

Fortune Cookie

{Photo 192/365}  My purse was an absolute mess, I had receipts and wrappers everywhere!  So, today while sitting at the airport, I decided to clean it out — that’s when I found this fortune cookie message.  I know for a fact it had been floating around in there for a very long time – since I remember getting this at PF Chang’s several months ago.  I loved the message.  When I read it the first time, tears welled up in my eyes.  That’s why I tossed it in my {messy} purse.  I’ve been on a BIG journey for the past couple of years.  It started with willingness, a choice, and it began with a single step.  Everyday, I take single steps.  With each step I grow, I am refined, I am becoming who God created me to be.  When I get weary on this “life” journey, I just remind myself that I just need to take a single step.  God has been holding my hand ever so tightly as He leads me.  I’m safe on this journey with Him.  grateful.


{Photo 167/365}  YES we have a ton of weeds scattered throughout our yard landscaping.  I’m not a green thumb, so pulling weeds doesn’t top my priority list.  Additionally, I struggle with lower back pain, so bending over weeding doesn’t feel the greatest.  But I’m not complaining.  Today the boys and I spent the morning weeding – ok, not the whole morning, but one hour.  We accomplished a lot.  The brown paper Target bags were full when we were done and we only got half way through.  So, tomorrow we will weed again.

The cool part about this time we spent together is that I was able to share with the boys the importance of weeding not only our yard, but our lives.  As we attempted to pull the bigger deep rooted weeds, it was tough; just like deep rooted issues in our lives.  Such as negative attitudes, bad habits, unhealthy people.

Once we identify the weeds, we need to be intentional about getting to the roots and pulling them out – otherwise they will come back.  If we don’t take the time to weed, our beautiful yard “life” gets contaminated with ugliness.  We had a great talk.  I think the boys got it.  One sang as he weeded – the other grumbled and complained.  It was a great opportunity to see the difference and for them to truly understand what I was trying to teach them.  I love teachable moments with my nuggets.  Even when I’m doing something I don’t enjoy doing.  weeding.

Summer Job

{Photo 165/365}  They take their summer job pretty seriously.  Today, Zane worked the morning shift and Zach worked the afternoon shift.  When I got there to drop-off and pick-up I could see how proud they were to have this responsibility and and the opportunity to make some money.  They are learning. growing. experiencing. becoming.  “The sum of wisdom is that time is never lost that is devoted to work.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dirty Job

{Photo 159/365}  The birds love making their nests around our home.  Unfortunately they leave messes — icky messes everywhere.  We’ve knocked down several nests just in the past few weeks and they keep coming back building new ones, grrrr.  The boys don’t like it either because now they have a new chore added to their contribution chart –> scrub the bird droppings off our patios, outside walkways, etc.  It’s not fun for me either, because I typically am the one helping.  So, that’s it.  Just a picture of him doing a dirty job; contributing to the family with a positive attitude. really.