Sweet Smile

{Photo 258/365} S E R I O U S L Y?!?! Today was full…it wasn’t a bad day, just a long day, packed with meetings, phone calls, and lots of driving and then a few curve balls. By 9:00, I was cooked and ready for bed.  I was weary and smiling was the last thing on my mind.  UNTIL, I opened my refrigerator and saw this gallon of milk.  How could I not smile from ear to ear.  How could I not just look at this and think of God’s sense of humor.  Really, a S M I L E on my milk carton? Since when?  I’ve been purchasing Archer Farms skim milk for years now and have never seen it smile back at me…ever — until tonight.  My face smiled and my heart smiled, then I went to bed. joy.

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  1. Rebekah says:

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? My milk carton has never ever smiled at me..God is so cool!

  2. Unity Faith says:


    Thanks so much for sharing. A good smile brightens can brighten anyone’s day. Thanks :-)

  3. Kari Day says:

    Oh way too cool! I love that! ;-)

  4. I love how you see the gifts of God everywhere, Teri. Thanks for sharing them with us, so we can see them, too.

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