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Overcoming the Nevers — Book Study

A part of living is enduring challenges and confronting unexpected situations. The “negative NEVERS,” which stem from our list of disappointments, somehow find a way into our lives regardless of our intention. We are all impacted by the “NEVERS”…

what have you experienced that you NEVER thought you would?

When we experience “negative NEVERS” that life inevitably throws at us, they can leave lingering feelings of shame, embarrassment and resentment. These toxic feelings can manifest in our lives causing insecurities and fear—for some of us even depression and anxiety. Often times we start to believe lies about who we are, and seek approval from others.

Have you ever experienced something that you NEVER dreamed you would? These “negative NEVERS” that life inevitably throws at us, can leave lingering feelings of shame, embarrassment, resentment, and guilt. During this in-depth study — I share with you the tools that I’ve learned and how to practically use them in your life to overcome your worst NEVERS.  Expect to discover truth – Embrace love – Experience joy.

This journey through Overcoming the Nevers is offered in-personal or on-line for either 6 or 12 weeks.  You can download the introduction of the book free here.


Who Are You, Really?

Do you have hurts from your past?  Have you been wounded by others?  Are there painful experiences you’ve endured that have led you to believe lies about yourself?  Teri’s answered yes to all of these questions.  However, she’s also discovered what it takes to overcome these obstacles and find victory, freedom.  In this message Teri will prepare you to:

  • Shine the light on who you really are and begin living the life God intended
  • Embrace your place so you can be empowered to move forward
  • Be boldly willing to discover the truth and take action to change
  • Acquire the courage that is needed to peel back the layers to see the real beauty within
  • Strengthen your faith so you can persevere through life’s challenges


No Baggage, Know Bliss

Are you lugging around the weight of the world on your shoulders?  Do you long to escape life’s heavy burdens?  Do the words content and joyful describe you?  Teri needed to lighten her load.  The pressure was just too much to bear, prompting her to take action to do something different.  In this message she shares tools for unloading the excess “weight” that prevents us from experiencing genuine happiness and rising above our circumstances.  Join her and discover how to:

  • Let go of lies, expectations and rules that are keeping you stuck
  • Learn how to release and forgive others who have caused you pain
  • Discover how to intentionally live daily with inner peace and tranquility
  • Experience a life of profound satisfaction even in the midst of trials


Garden and Grow

Do you desire to do one thing, but instead do the opposite?  Are you struggling with sustaining positive changes you make in your life?  Teri found her self continually stuck in this destructive pattern but finally realized how to get to the core of the problem – dig up those roots.  In this flourishing presentation you will learn how to;

  • Honestly identify the deep rooted toxic issues in your life
  • Pull the weeds of fear and judgment that prevent us from moving forward
  • Eliminate the pests that can damage the spiritual growth of our souls
  • Nourish your life to produce a great harvest

I have additional messages available and love to develop new messages to meet the needs of your group. I would enjoy the opportunity to connect with you about what would be the best fit for your event. Please contact me at 952-224-2110 or email me through the contact form.