It's the Simple Things

It’s the simple things.

Sitting on my porch, listening to the middle school and high school kids laugh, scream, giggle. Soon, the elementary children will be home, and the neighborhood will be buzzing with activity.

Hoses and squirt guns out of storage. Swimsuit or not, here I come!

Pink shoulders from not remembering to put on sunscreen soon enough. Oh well.

Pulling out my children’s’ clothes which have been outgrown, or those which have seen better days. Thinking about tackling my closet, but will save that for another time.

Cleaning out the garage of unused toys, trikes, and other ‘stuff’ which has been sitting around taking up space.

Smelling fresh cut grass, lilacs and bon fires.

Planting vegetables we had started from seed. Saying a prayer that some of them will survive my unskilled hand at gardening.

Taking a walk through the neighborhood trails, appreciating nature and all its beauty.

The extended sunlight making the  days feel longer, brighter.

Enjoying watching my son play baseball on a gorgeous spring evening.

Skinned knees and elbows from riding, scootering, running too fast.

I love the newness of spring. The energy. The smell. The warm sun on my face. Maybe it is because we made it through the long, cold winter of Minnesota. Regardless, I love spring.

Appreciating the simple things.

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