{Photo 259/365}  I was SO excited about this morning — to see Sarah {and her sister Heather!} We talk on the phone and text, yes, but it had been a very long time since we’d been able to see each other face-to-face.  She was in town, YIPEE!  Here’s my crazy reflection…growing up my mom got together with her friends for coffee and such during the week, I can remember her friends and their kids coming over, or us going to another home.  The moms would connect and have adult conversations — us kids would play.  They were the “age” that I am now — I cannot image them EVER taking a picture like this…being silly…from what I can remember as a little girl, they were always prim-and-proper, very mature and adult-like.  But, not us!  We had coffee, cinnamon rolls, and fruit — that was familiar, like them, but other than that?  Not so sure.  LOVED my time with these two fabulous sisters…amongst the silliness, we had a heart connection, it’s a blessing to be able to just “pick-up” with friends right where you left off…special time.  grateful.

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