Stories are Gifts, Share

This morning I was having coffee with my husband at Starbucks.  We were sitting outside talking about our day when I noticed the words on the Starbucks door.  They might be on every Starbucks door or window across the world, I don’t know – I hadn’t noticed them before;  Stories are Gifts – Share.

I LOVE watching good movies that share heartfelt stories.  I LOVE reading good books, both fiction and non-fiction, that tell stories.  I enjoy telling stories to my kids and hearing stories about people in my life.  There is nothing better to me than getting to know and understand people better through their stories.

A special friend of mine has an amazing gift of sharing her life and relating to others through analogy stories.  I always look forward to talking with her and listening as she shares her insight and wisdom through great stories.

As we embark upon our 1 year anniversary of our blog and our Daily KIPs, I’ve been reflecting.  These words, Stories are Gifts – Share, speak to me.  Over the past 12 months, I’ve had the privilege to hear AND read a lot of personal stories.  Many of these have encouraged me.  Many have brought me to tears.  Many have changed me.  Many have inspired me.

It brings me joy to share MY story with the hope to encourage or inspire others…….or simply plant a seed in someone’s life.  Stories ARE a gift and I am grateful that I’ve been on the receiving end while others were willing to share.  Priceless!

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