Scary Day?

{Photo 304/365}  Halloween is not my favorite holiday — actually, if it didn’t exist, I would be VERY ok with it.  SO, the last thing on my list after traveling this month was preparing for this day.  I am grateful to my parents who stepped up to the plate for this little guy.  As I was driving to drop him off for the festivities at my parents church, he asked me, “Mom, isn’t Halloween supposed to be scary?”  I looked at him and responded, “Yes, I guess traditionally, it IS supposed to be scary.”  Then he said, “Mom, I don’t even have a trick-or-treat bag or bucket, why? and Mom, we didn’t carve pumpkins.”  I looked at him, realizing that he’s figured out I did absolutely nothing to make this day memorable for him and said, “I’m sorry sweetie…I know I didn’t make this holiday special for you.”  He looked at me, smiled, looked away and then said, “It’s ok, mom.”  My dad greeted him with a smile and a hug — they had a blast at the church — he came home 3 hours later with lots and lots of candy to share with his brother; he had a great time.  Today I’m just grateful for my parents — I so appreciate how they step up to the plate for me when I need help.  It’s a true blessing for the boys and for me.

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