{Photo 117/365}  He doesn’t have homework on Wednesdays, it’s his rest day when he gets home from school.  When I walked into the room after not resting, I found him escaping watching Wipeout on the iPad through the ABC app we downloaded; I guess it’s pretty funny.  Seeing him chillin’ out on the couch got me thinking about rest.  How important it is for all of us and how I’m craving a season of rest.  To be specific, emotional rest is what I need.  This ‘writing a book journey’ is a journey.  I’m learning. growing. Being stretched. refined.  But, I’m ready for rest.  praying…lead me.

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  1. Lauren says:


    Remember that in our weakness He is made strong. Your weariness puts you, I believe, into a state where He can speak to your hearts in ways that He can’t when you’re busy and capable. Let go for a little while…even if it’s only 5 minutes. Give yourself smaller deadlines…for two hours of work you get fifteen minutes to “veg out”. Break the big steps into baby steps…then let Him nurture you through the baby stage. He placed the desire to write in your heart because He has plans…plans to use those words in ways you are not aware of. Your obedience to Him…your dedication…your commitment to your publishers…they are all road signs pointing to an exciting adventure ahead. I am praying for you and hoping to be an encouragement as you are getting down to the nitty-gritty stages. I can’t wait to see how He works in you and through you in this process!

    • admin says:

      YOU are such a blessing to me – thank you for your words of wisdom. truly. I’m pressing on, but love your suggestions – baby steps with periodic “veg out” rewards. I appreciate YOU! xo

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