Reason. Season. Lifetime.

{Photo 118/365}  She left them both a note.  She was gone when they got home from school today – we miss her already.  God hand picked her to be a part of our life; for a reason – a very specific one, I can see that now.  We had no idea the season would be so short; truly – way too short.  Today was her last day – a priceless gift in our lives, a blessing taken away.  But, our friend now for a lifetime gained.  I am grateful for her, the impact she made in my life, her positive attitude – her encouragement – her smile – her willingness to work hard – her loving heart…she just fit into our family so well.  The influence she had on my nuggets, she was like a grandma to them – they absolutely adored her.  So, I’m asking God, “Ok, now what?  What is your plan?  Where do we go from here?”  I’m typing this through tears – I cannot grasp where these deep emotions are coming from.  My heart longs for simple.  I think she helped me find simple in my complicated world. reason. season. lifetime.


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