The Controversial Day

PrayerThe BUZZ has been in the air about TODAY ~ May 6, 2010 for several months now.  I’ve seen controversial posts all over the internet, social media channels, and through traditional media regarding the National Day of Prayer.

I am not going to claim to understand the history of this “day” even though I’ve done some research to educate myself, nor am I an advocate of requiring others to recognize this day if they choose not to.  BUT, isn’t it similar to OTHER “honored days” that happen throughout the year?  They don’t ALL apply to everyone and we can choose to recognize them if we want to.  That is the BEAUTY and the FREEDOM that we have here in the United States of America.

Lately I’ve been into looking up words to get a clear understanding of what they mean.  So I thought I would look up Prayer, here’s what I got:  the act of communicating with a deity; reverent petition to a deity; entreaty: earnest or urgent request; “an entreaty to stop the fighting”; “an appeal for help”; “an appeal to the public to keep calm”.

From what I can see from this definition is that MOST people probably pray.  Most major religions involve prayer in one way or another. But even if you’re NOT religious or if you don’t believe in God, do you ever have an earnest or urgent request?  It sounds like that’s prayer too, in its own way.

For me, prayer is my communication with God, kind of like a conversation – I talk to Him; quit frequently actually. I ask Him for help or strength when I am weak.  I ask for protection and guidance when I’m feeling alone or confused.  I thank Him all the time for loving me, forgiving me, having mercy on me, and for the many blessings he’s given me.  I also sing songs in my car or around the house (do you ever do that??) and when I really like the words I make them my prayer too!!

Not only do I pray, but I’ve experienced the Power of prayer.  I’ve experienced the benefits of being prayed for.  Through the prayers of my parents and grandparents I know that I’ve been protected over the years.  Through prayer I’ve experienced deliverance from addiction and the healing of migraine headaches.  I’ve seen miracles happen BIG and small as a result of faithful prayer.  I am convinced that Prayer changes things.

So, today, I will not go to a pole, or a prayer meeting, or another gathering to recognize this National Day of Prayer – I will simply pray and thank God for being faithful to me, for hearing my prayers, and for giving me and others the freedom to pray.  I will pray for our country, our leaders, and whoever else God puts on my heart to pray for.

Today I will also pray for you, the reader, whoever you might be.

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  1. John says:

    Well said. As much as it troubles me that a Country’s Gov’t can ban a national day of prayer, it also humors me that this will have an effect. My prayer is between My God, Jehovah, and myself and the Gov’t cannot control this act. The sad thing is that of all the religions of the world, the only one that is consistently banned form the public square is the one that deals with the God of the Holy Bible.

    I guess in the face of that, it must mean that that God, is the only real threat. I am glad I know That God!!!

  2. Sandi says:

    I was traveling today or I probably would have gone to the “Meet at City Hall” gathering in my town to show support. It is sad that the current leaders of our great nation want to end the National Day of prayer, but how ever that turns out, it shouldn’t change things. We should all be praying for our government & others each & every day. Be aware of His nudging & pray through out the day as He brings things to your mind. That continued relationship with Him is what is important.

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