Paper Guns

{Photo 190/365}  What is it with boys and guns?  Cowboys and Indians?  He started on this journey yesterday, we made a paper gun.  Last night before he went to bed he made a list of 3 more guns he wanted to make with me today.  So, that’s what we did.  We found other kids providing tutorials on YouTube explaining exactly how to do it — step by step.  3 hours later, yes t h r e e…I’m slow, we had 4 paper guns.  He’s sharing them now with his brother.  They created a game called Zombies.  One {with paper gun} chases the other {Zombie without paper gun} shoots him down, they wrestle, then they switch.  It’s never ending.  Love their imaginations and how much fun they have with these simple paper guns.  so cute. lol

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