Overcoming the Nevers

{Photo 286/365}  My alarm went off at 3:30 this morning; my flight departed at 6:30 — Charleston, SC bound to attend my publisher’s annual Author’s Marketing Summit.  My plan today was to get some rest once I arrived.  Massage.  Pedicure.  Shopping on King Street.  Then, a quick bite to eat before I headed to bed, early.  While I was eating alone at the hotel restaurant, I got a text message from Brooke, the Senior Editor, Publicity Manager — she was insistent about seeing me.  My text response was, “I’m a crusty mess been up since 3:30am got a massage {my hair is greasy} and I haven’t eaten yet today…”  This didn’t prevent her from stopping by.  After I gave her a BIG hug, since I hadn’t seen her in one year, she smiled and graciously pulled my book out of her bag and handed it to me.  I had NO idea I was going to get this today – truly.  In fact, the publication date was estimated to be the 15th — I was thinking I would see it next week on my door step.  But no, here it is…I’m holding it in my hands…this project, my heart, my soul has poured into.  I was speechless, still am.  Excited.  Emotional.  Happy.  Nervous.  Here I sit now, in my hotel room, just me and the book.  Reflecting.  Praying.  Joy in my heart.  Grateful for the journey.  Looking forward to what lies ahead.  {now I can start filling the “pre-orders” –> download the introduction, watch the trailer video, order the book here}

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  1. Rebekah says:

    What a SURPRISE!! This photo has to be on of my favorites…WOW. So giddy and happy and teary and excited for you…


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