There is NOTHING like giving. True giving……..NO strings attached. NO solicitations. NO donations. NO expectations in return. THAT is the heart, the mission, the spirit behind (NIKI).

Doc Compton started this non-profit organization after he experienced the joy of giving.  One of his favorite quotes is, “For of those to whom much is given, much is required”, so with that his belief is to give, give, give, give – when we give, we receive! Doc shares the story that started it all, you can click here to watch it.


The idea is simple;  It all starts with an envelope containing one dollar and a letter about their mission.  That envelope is given to a stranger, who is instructed to follow these 4 simple steps:  Read the letter in its entirety.  If the money in the envelope comes to the reader at a time that it can have a measurable impact in their life, they are instructed to keep it.  In other words, “If you need it, keep it.”  Whether they keep it or not, the letter simply asks that the recipient let them know, via phone, email, or through their guestbook, exactly if and how it impacted them.  If they don’t need the money in the envelope, we ask that they simply pass the envelope along to someone else, ideally, adding a dollar (or more) to it, if they’re able, and compelled to do so.

The hope is that eventually, the envelope will find its way into the hands of someone who does need it, whilst having been added to by those along the way who might not have. The eventual recipient is blessed with the fruit of others’ generosity, and those who have passed it along and added to it have shared in the immense joy that giving brings.

Although the money could and most likely will be a blessing to someone who needs it, this project is NOT about the money.  It’s about the message and how it touches the hearts of all those involved.  Hearts will forever be changed, and faith in human kindness will be strengthened and restored.  The message that people care, people love, and people give will be spread by this simple act.    NIKI is 100% aware of the fact that this idea is not theirs… It is an ancient principle, but, as they are people of action, they simply wanted to help promote the idea of giving!

See NIKI in action, check out this short video……

To learn more about Need It Keep It go to their website at, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or watch their videos on YouTube.

We are excited to join in their efforts by handing out envelopes in our community.  If you are inspired to do the same, you can get the letter we created here ~ Thank you NIKI for Keeping it Personal and for sharing your passion on giving and spreading love to others.

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