My Dad

{Photo 170/365}  The boys spent the day with their dad – golfing.  Brent and I took my dad and mom out to lunch.  God could not have blessed me with a more awesome dad.  I share a little about my dad in the book I’m writing, Overcoming the Nevers, here’s an excerpt from Chapter 7, Transformation:

“A significant role model in my life was my father; one of the most amazing men I know, next to my husband.  He is faithful, honest, forgiving, gracious, reliable, and unselfish.  I remember asking him frequently as I was growing up, “Dad, did you have a good day today?”  His answer was consistent and always the same, “Ter-bear, everyday is a great day.”  From what I could see as a child and still to this day, my dad maintains a positive attitude.  I know now the reality is that everyday had it’s challenges for him, as it does for all of us.

What he taught me was, happiness is a choice.  We can choose each moment of everyday to make it a great day – we can choose to focus on our blessings and the positive or we can choose to not.  From this one example, my father demonstrated to me gratefulness, faithfulness, happiness, decisiveness; positive character.”

Happy Father’s Day Dad, I love you!

“He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.”  ~Clarence Budington Kelland

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