March 2, 2011

{Photo}  The package starts with 10.  They are tempting in the store; when they get into the pantry they are even more tempting.  I had one yesterday with my lunch, one when I got home from picking the boys up for school, and one as I walked out the door to take Zachary to his hockey game; he had one too.  I told him how yummy I thought they were, the frosting on the top is my favorite part.  He asked me how many I had eaten, because of course he noticed that there were only 2 left.  I couldn’t lie; I told him I had 3.  He looked at me and smiled.  In the car he said, “Mom, I think I know why your butt jiggles now.”  I said, “Really?  Why?”  He said, “Because you eat way to many cookies.”  It’s partially true, I told him; we laughed.  oh well.

{Daily KIP}  Balance is to make equal; steadiness, stability.  It is so easy for our lives to become out of balance!   Sometimes our desire to do “good things” like helping others or volunteering can causes us to neglect other very important areas of our lives.  How is your wheel of personal perspective turning? {Relationships, Professional, Financial, Spiritual, Emotional, Health & Wellness}

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