{Photo 301/365}  This message spoke to my heart — make everyday count — I do my best to live intentionally…I choose to grow, I do my best to respond positively in all situations, I focus on keeping my side of the street clean…making amends with others and owning my part.  But lately, life has been SO full — I feel that I’m not taking the time to plan to be effective, to make everyday count, to use the time I’ve been given each day wisely.  The message is one I needed to hear…what’s really important?  What really needs to get done, to happen?  Am I surrendered to His plan and I’m focusing on pleasing Him?  Am I making everyday count in my relationships, with my children, with my man, with what He’s called me to do?  Am I making everyday count for Him?  Lots of thoughts running in my head…encouraged by this message. grateful.

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  1. Good stuff! This one resonated with me from Relevant also. Had to give you my link to see what ya think: Looking forward to more on overcoming the nevers!

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