Life is like a Rainbow

{Photo 202/365} We love rainbows, especially Zane.  There is just something about them that grab his attention, no matter where he sees them.  On bumper stickers, in the sky, in books, or drawn with chalk on a sidewalk.  They remind me of God’s promises, thats why I love them.  When I see one in the sky I take the time to enjoy it, I point it out, I show it to my children. I stop and stare — they don’t last long; everything else can wait while I soak one in.  Tonight they saw two at once — this isn’t the best photo taken from my husbands blackberry, but they are there soaking up a rainbow at the river.  I am here, at She Speaks, soaking it up through a photo — just reminded of His promises.  His provision.  His faithfulness.  We need sun {good experiences, love, joy, healthy relationships} AND rain {unexpected life experiences, hiccups, challenges} to make the colors {awakenings, knowledge, wisdom, growth, learning} of a rainbow appear.  “May God give you…For every storm a rainbow, for every tear a smile, for every care a promise and a blessing in each trial. For every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share, for every sigh a sweet song and an answer for each prayer.” - Irish Blessings  Life is like a rainbow.

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