How are you Keeping it Personal?

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It’s MONDAY – How are you keeping it personal? <— That’s the question I’m encouraging you to think about.

Thank you to those who shared your comments last week, they touched my heart – I love hearing how others answer this question. Hope Wilbanks shared this comment with us she said, “I’m going to go out of my way to be my husband’s help mate. For example, he’s off work today, and he’s worn out. I’m going to ask him this morning what I can do for him today. Each day I’m going to be purposeful in employing the term “help mate.”” What a blessing she chose to be to her husband, I love it!! We chose Hope to be the recipient of the $10 Starbucks gift card. Here’s a link to her blog. If you want to check out her blog,

So what is Keeping it Personal? When we started this blog in November of 2009, we wrote what it meant to us, you can read that here.

Here’s my answer: One of my goals for March is to seek to understand others, rather than to be understood. That is how I am keeping it personal this week. When I can focus on understanding, I talk less and listen more. When I focus on understanding I am more compassionate and loving. It’s been going well so far, I want to continue to focus in that.

What is your answer? How are you keeping it personal? However you’re doing it, we would love to know…share your comment below OR if you’re a blogger and have shared how you’re keeping it personal in a blog post, link up your post below!

We will read every comment and randomly pick one of the comments/blog posts to feature next week. Remember – the comment/post picked will receive a $10.00 Starbucks giftcard. You can grab a coffee on us and our hope is that you will keep it personal with another person and enjoy a coffee with them!

We look forward to reading your comments! Thank you for joining us and thank you for sharing this with others!

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