Keep On Keeping On

I had the privilege to meet a very special person this past weekend.  A man with a passion who is on a mission to assist and raise awareness for those born with severe physical disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy.

Tim Wambach founder and President of Keep On Keeping On said that his meeting Mike Berkson was not only serendipity, it was “serendestiny.”  Mike was a 12-year old kid living with Cerebral Palsy when he and Tim met.  Mike’s positive outlook, attitude on life, and his sense of humor inspired Tim to take action to make a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

The Keep On Keeping On Organization helps the special needs community in unique ways.  Tim and his team of volunteers believe that anything is possible and they live by a simple motto:  As long as you have a pulse, you must never give up, you must always…Keep On Keeping On!

To further the cause of the Keep On Keeping On Foundation Mike and Tim are taking their message on the road with Handicap This, a live stage show.  The message is about breaking down barriers and living with disabilities.  2 real characters, in 1 real life story…..that changes lives!  Their show will stir your senses, challenge your thinking and wake up your attitude. Check out their trailer…..

Find Handicap This! on Facebook by clicking here.

Tim Wambach IS Keeping it Personal – what an inspiration you are!!  He tells the story of his remarkable friendship with Mike Berkson and how the Keep On Keeping On Foundation formed in his book How We Roll.  You can find his book and learn more about this organization on their website here.

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