January 8, 2011

{Photo}  Its the season of hockey!  Fleece blankets and cold rinks.  He likes it, but doesn’t LOVE it. Hockey.  He says he wants to just play baseball and football from now on, so this might be his last season.  It’s up to him.  My philosophy is give him opportunity, show him lots of things, let him participate, experience and decide what he is passionate about.  His brother on the other hand, it’s in his blood; NHL is on his mind.

{Daily KIP}  When we struggle or are wounded in our lives.  Many of us focus on the solution. the fix. the cure; looking for a band-aid.  What about the cause?  What caused the pain, struggle or wound that needs attention?  If the cause is overlooked, if we continue to fix the problem instead of getting to the root or core, the problem will continue to surface.  Do you look for “band-aids” or tools to dig up the “roots”?

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