January 3, 2011

{Picture} First day back to school after 2 weeks off.  We did our normal routine, I got my Starbucks fix and headed to the freeway and TRAFFIC!  I smiled while thinking; I am grateful that the boys have the opportunity to go to this private school. blessed.  No amount of traffic will eliminate the gratitude that I feel.  They were both tired and did NOT want anything to do with going today, BUT I encouraged them to have a NEW attitude with the NEW year.  We prayed.  I LOVE these boys!

{Daily KIP} We ALL have subjects in our lives where we are ignorant. uneducated. naive. “green” – in the dark. unknowing. Ignorance can cramp conversations and cause arguments.  When it gets started; it has NO boundaries.  Are you embarrassed to admit that you are ignorant of what you do not know? Try to be a know it all?  “The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance.” ~Ben Franklin

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