January 21, 2011

{Blog}  3in30 Check In: January 21, 2011

{Photo}  The boys had an unexpected play date today after school which led to a sleep over.  SO, I had an unexpected quiet night at home with my book.  Books I now read on my iPad; I love my iPad!  I whip it out everywhere to read.  I didn’t think I would like not having an actual book that I could touch, flip pages, highlight, write in, etc. but I was wrong.  It’s so convenient and it fits so easily in my purse.  On this -21 degree zero winter Friday night, I’m snuggled up with my blanket reading.  fabulous.

{Daily KIP}  Compliment others; those you know AND strangers. Look for the little things you appreciate and share them.  The compliment a person receives from you, might just be the only nice comment they hear that day.  “A compliment is verbal sunshine” ~ Robert Orben

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