January 17, 2011

{Photo}  I can come up with a hundred reasons why it’s easier to continue to use these.  When I filled my truck up for gas today, I asked the boys to gather the garbage laying around in the back; they handed me 5 plastic empty bottles.  I admit, I am not green.  I’ve tried to stick with reusable cups that I can take with me to ensure I get my water intake each day, but it hasn’t worked.  I end up not drinking water.   The convenience of grabbing a bottle each time I walk out the door each morning, head to the gym, go up to bed works for me.  It’s working for Brent and the boys too.  I know I can make baby steps in this area to change.  For starters, no bottled water for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  It’s a start; after this.

{Daily KIP}  Excuses; why do we make them?  Could it be fear? laziness? or a lack of interest?  An excuse is a cover-up, defense, stall, or a justification.  Excuses might be something we come up with instead of sharing our honest feelings.  The next time you’re leaning towards sharing a list of excuses, pause and ask yourself why?  Why not a direct answer. forward. transparent?

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