January 12, 2011

{Photo}  This is my view across the room from where I’m sitting; on the chaise lounge I posted yesterday.  I love art.  The creativity behind it.  I always wonder what inspired the artist to create what they’ve created, but I’m ok with not knowing.  Her eyes are closed.  She’s sitting at a table.  Calm.  Thinking.  Praying.  God is shining through her; do you see the lightness around her?  When I look up from my laptop, I see this.  I am inspired.  I feel peace.  Then I continue to write.

{Daily KIP}  We live in world that is running 90 mph.  Where news travels almost as fast at light and connections can happen anytime, anywhere though our latest and greatest technology devices.  How do you turn it off, disconnect, and slow down from life?  Do you take time to quiet yourself and your surroundings to experience an inner peace, hear the voice of God?  ”Be still and know that I am God.”  ~ Psalm 46:10

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