Do you feel invisible?

Invisible.  Have you ever felt this way OR are you feeling this currently in areas of your life?

Looking back in my life, I can recall MANY times having felt invisible:

…as a child thinking periodically, does my voice matter?  do my opinion’s matter? does anyone see me?

…in certain relationships and friendships, does this person value what I’ve done for them?  where do I fit into their plans? remember me?

…working with others, I’ve done the majority of the work yet co-workers take all the credit, REALLY?  do you see what I’ve done?

Currently, as a wife and mother I have moments where I think, does what I do matter? You know, the little things, that so often go unnoticed.  Would the things I’m doing be missed if they weren’t done? Is what I do and say making a difference or impacting the lives of others?

Over the years, I’ve been ‘growing up’, experiencing life, gaining new perspective, and learning.  I’ve come to better understand my WHY…….the reason WHY I do things.  I’ve seen my reason WHY change and evolve;  most often it’s different now from the reason WHY I used to do things.  By switching my focus and by embracing my NEW “reason why”, the invisible feelings rarely pop up ~ I like the NEW focus!

This NEW focus is communicated beautifully below in a short skit by Nicole Johnson with Fresh Brewed Life, Inc. ~ she has got this topic covered!!  You may have seen this before, as it’s been viewed by over 1 million people, but I wanted to share this powerful message.  Her message is geared towards women, BUT men ~ it’s for you too!!  I know a lot of men out there that have felt or feel invisible….

Are you OK with “building” what no one sees?  Our flesh. Our pride. Our ego. Our insecurities. Our wanting acceptance. Our wanting to please others. Our selfishness…..can so EASILY take us away from the “NEW focus”, the focus of doing it all because God sees. God sees YOU – and YOU are NOT invisible to Him.

I really like what Nicole says;  If I do it right.  If I do it well.  They will never see.  And secondly, I want my boys to say to their friends, you’re going to LOVE it there!!

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